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Drone DJI Mavic Air Arctic White EU

Foldable 4K DJI drone, normal and combo versions

DJI Mavic Air is an intelligent drone that can accompany you on every trip. This latest-generation DJI drone weighs only 430 g and has a foldable case, which guarantees new transport and mobility options. The dedicated lithium-polymer batteries used by the DJI brand offer up to 21 minutes of flight time.

4K cameras, breathtaking spherical panoramas, 4K video recording at 30 fps, 100 Mbps bit rate, slow-motion video recording, foldable UAV and remote control or ActiveTrack function for tracking a moving target.

Available in normal version or combo version: see differences in product content.

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Drone DJI Mavic Air Arctic White

Drone DJI Mavic Air Arctic White

4K camera

DJI used a 4K camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal in his Mavic Air UAV model. It provides high quality video recording. The reduction of angular vibrations guarantees a clear image without any vibration or noise.

Appareil photo avancé

The camera is equipped with a 1 / 2.3 "12 megapixel CMOS matrix and a lens with an aperture f / 2.8 and a focal length of 24 mm, which ensures an incredible quality of photos and movies​.

4K to 100 Mbps

The camera records 4K video at 30 fps and a bit rate of 100 Mb / s allows you to capture every moment in excellent quality.​

Internal memory

The user has a built-in internal memory with a capacity of 8 GB, which can be expanded to 128 GB (using Micro SDXC cards). Thanks to the use of USB 3.0 technology, you can enjoy fast file transfers to a computer or other device.

Incredible spherical panoramas

The Mavic Air DJI UAV has the ability to take spherical panoramas, so you can take pictures with a total resolution of 32 MP. Operating in this mode, the camera combines 25 shots, creating a breathtaking panorama in a matter of seconds.

Drone DJI Mavic air spherical panorama

Create slow-motion videos

The Mavic AIr DJI UAV has the ability to record slow-motion movies at 120 frames per second, so you can capture all your adventures.​

High dynamic range photos

High Dynamic Range algorithms intelligently select the appropriate exposure parameters based on the surrounding conditions. Tinted or overexposed areas are treated for more natural effects. DSP acceleration allows even faster shooting.

Foldable drone and controller

A dedicated controller with a foldable, unobtrusive and ergonomic design allows you to hold the smartphone at your convenience. Removable rods can be stored inside the controller for easy transport.

The thoughtful design of the Mavic Air DJI UAV allows it to be folded quickly and safely, so you can carry it comfortably. The magnesium alloy frames used protect the onboard cameras, the ventilation holes ensure efficient heat dissipation and the gimballed camera has been slightly hidden deeper to further protect it.


Users can choose one of 6 scenarios: Rocket, Dronie, Circle, Helix or completely new - Asteroid and Boomerang. Thanks to this, you can take cinematic pictures with just one click in the application without wasting time on additional settings. You can immediately share your photo with your friends on the most popular social networks.

ActiveTrack function​

This feature allows you to detect up to 16 objects, allowing you to choose the right object to track. Thanks to its high accuracy, ActiveTrack effectively tracks the target, even when it moves quickly, changes course or jumps.

Drone DJI MAvic Air ActiveTrack


This mode offers a new interactive way to manually control the Mavic Air DJI UAV. This includes launching and controlling the drone with hand gestures. Taking pictures or recording videos has never been easier.


DJI GO 4's TapFly mode allows you to go anywhere you want on the screen of your mobile device. TapFly works in the scenarios: front, back, free and coordinated. You can adjust the flying speed in this mode to your own needs.

FlightAutonomy 2.0

The system collects information from the environment and, thanks to its processing in the processor, ensures even more operational flight and hovering. It consists of a camera, dual vision sensors, lower infrared sensors, IMU modules and a set of processors .

The Flight Autonomy 2.0 system, in addition to the IMU module, also has additional modules that increase flight safety. These include the video compass, which can be used to determine the flight direction of the navigation system in the event of compass problems. Even if only the selected sensors work without problems, the Mavic Air DJI UAV will still be able to determine its position correctly. 

The UAV uses two sets of algorithms, so if an error occurs in one of them, the other one will take control and ensure the complete operation of the UAV.

VIO Technology​

Thanks to the combination of Vision Inertial Odometry (VIO) and the position algorithm, the UAV's positioning accuracy has been doubled. VIO technology allows you to determine the location of the aircraft by calculating its speed and orientation in real time, as well as measuring the UAV's position during hovering or flying at any speed. 

The positioning range of the positioning system is up to 30 meters. As a result, the UAV also manages indoor flying better, thanks to more precise hovering and greater sensitivity to the movements of the rod.

3D Flight Maps

Mavic Air's advanced sensor system allows you to determine the location with great accuracy. By processing data from seven cameras, infrared sensors and an IMU module, the Mavic Air DJI UAV creates an accurate 3D map of the environment in real time, increasing flight safety.

Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems

Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems, an advanced operator assistance system, allows you to bypass obstacles in the vicinity of Mavic Air. Flying has never been safer!

Return To Home function: safe return to the starting point

DJI Mavic Air has developed the Return To Home system, thanks to which the drone will choose the safest route home. It does so by recording its route in real time. If the signal is lost, it will fly to the recorded departure location until it reconnects. If an obstacle is detected, he will choose the best route to avoid it. 

The UAV compares the images on the ground with those obtained at the beginning of the flight, which ensures greater accuracy during landing. During the automatic landing, the Mavic Air DJI UAV scans the area in real time and warns you if it detects water or other obstacles below.

Drone DJI Mavic Air return to home


DJI Mavic Air Arctic White: technical specifications

Technical data

  • Maximum speed 19 m / s
  • Climbing rate 4 m / s
  • Falling speed 3 m / s
  • Maximum flight altitude 5000 m
  • Maximum flight time 21 min
  • Maximum wind speed 10.5 m / s
  • built-in GPS
  • Dedicated lithium polymer battery type
  • Battery capacity 2375 mAh
  • Number of rotors 4 pieces
  • Brushless motor type(s)
  • Working temperature 0-40 ° C
  • Camera

Physical data

  • Dimensions 168 × 184 × 64
  • Weight 430 g
  • Colour white


  • CMOS Matrix 1 / 2.3".
  • 12 megapixels
  • Video resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K)
  • Quantity of images per second at maximum resolution 30
  • ISO 100 - 3200 range
  • H.264 video encoding
  • MPEG-4
  • Photo resolution 4056 × 3040 pixels
  • Maximum video transmission rate 100 Mbps
  • DNG file saving format
  • JPEG
  • microSD memory card support​


  • Range of movement of the vertical cardan shaft -100 to 22°.
  • 3-axis stabilization
  • Maximum rotation speed (dial) 120 ° / s


  • Smartphone/tablet control method
  • Range of controllers 4000 m
  • Controller operating frequency 2.4 GHz - 5.8 GHz
  • Battery capacity (controller) 2970 mAh
  • Mobile application DJI GO 4
  • Range with mobile device 80 m
  • HD Ready Live View Resolution
  • Transmission delay 240 ms


  • x 1 Aircraft
  • x 1 Remote Controller
  • x 1 Intelligent Flight Battery
  • x 1 Charger
  • x 1 Power Cable
  • x 4 Propellers (pair)
  • x 1 Propeller Guards (set)
  • x 1 RC Cable (Lightning connector)
  • x 1 RC Cable (Standard Micro USB connector)
  • x 1 RC Cable (USB Type-C connector)
  • x 1 Gimbal Protector
  • x 1 Carrying Case
  • x 1 Communication Cable (USB 3.0 Type-C)
  • x 1 USB Adapter
  • x 1 RC Cable Slider (Large)
  • x 2 RC Cable Slider (Small)


DJI Mavic Air in the box


  • x 1 Aircraft
  • x 1 Remote Controller
  • x 3 Intelligent Flight Battery
  • x 1 Charger
  • x 1 Power Cable
  • x 6 Propellers (pair)
  • x 1 Propeller Guards (set)
  • x 1 RC Cable (Lightning connector)
  • x 1 RC Cable (Standard Micro USB connector)
  • x 1 RC Cable (USB Type-C connector)
  • x 1 Gimbal Protector
  • x 1 Carrying Case
  • x 1 Communication Cable (USB 3.0 Type-C)
  • x 1 USB Adapter
  • x 1 RC Cable Slider (Large)
  • x 2 RC Cable Slider (Small)
  • x 1 Battery Charging Hub
  • x 1 Battery to Power Bank Adaptor
  • x 1 Travel Bag

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