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Infrared Sensor NXTSUMOEYES V2

Accessory for your LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT

This infrared sensor has 3-band detectors, each separated into area long and short range, offering no fewer than six areas for assessing distance!

Ideal for obstacle detection, the sensor allows real-time calculation of the positioning of an object and allows your robot to place itself in front of this obstacle, making it an essential sensor for competitions and Sumo game between robots!

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Site Reference : RA_MIN011
Manufacturer Reference : NXTSumoEyes-v2

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Shipped within 48h


• Weight : 11g
• Foot-print: 16,4 x 72mm
• Height : 25mm



• Detection of distances, obstacles and positions
• 3-band detections
• Each band has a short and long range
• Long range : up to 30cm
• Short range : up to 15 cm
• Current consumption: 2,6mA
• Duration : continuous



SumoEyes User Guide


• NXT-G : block to download
• NXC : library files and sample programs
• RobotC : library files and sample programs


• 1x sensor SumoEyes triple zone double range
• 1x connection cable for NXT

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