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Ozobot Robot + Skin + USB Cable

Robot ducatif Ozobot en pack

This Ozobot package contains an Ozobot educational robot, a USB charging cable and a customizable shell.

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Ozobot Pack : educational robot

Get to know the Ozobot educational robot with this dedicated pack that contains everything you need to tame it and take it in hand:

The Ozobot educational robot is the smallest programmable robot in the world, fun, engaging, programmable in two different ways:

  • By computer language via Ozoblocky: an intuitive system of colorful drag and drop blocks
  • With special markers whose colours are read and interpreted by the educational robot Ozobot


Ozobot Resources

Find downloadable lessons and resources for Ozobot below:

  • x1 Ozobot educational robot
  • x1 USB charging cable
  • x1 Ozobot customizable shell
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