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Pack Intégral KUBO Coding And Coding+

KUBO: educational robot without screen

This complete KUBO kit contains the KUBO Coding pack and the KUBO Coding Plus pack.

The KUBO robot included in this pack is a screenless solution that provides everything you need to become familiar with coding and computer thinking. This robot is suitable for children aged 4 to 10 years and is up and running in just a few minutes.

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Site Reference : RA_TTS144
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KUBO Coding full package: Programming without display

The complete KUBO Coding package includes the KUBO Coding package and the KUBO Coding+ add-on package.

The tiles fit together like puzzle pieces, and allow you to control basic movements, time, speed, distance and direction. 

Students have endless possibilities to develop increasingly complex programs using basic movements, functions, subroutines and loops.

The full package includes :

  • A robot and a USB charging cable.
  • A set of 46 coding tiles and a robot head.
  • An activity track and a blank track template for you to create your own challenges.
  • One tile of each: "stop" 2, 5 and 10 seconds.
  • One tile of each: "slow speed", "medium speed" or "fast speed".
  • Four "reverse" tiles.
  • Two "U-turn" tiles.
  • Two tiles of each: "forward speed x2, x3 or x4".
  • Two tiles "rotate 90 degrees at each turn". 
  • One tile "rotate 180 degrees every turn."
  • A "pivot left every turn" tile.
  • One "rotate right every turn" tile.
  • Additional function tiles, paving the way for teamwork and challenges.
  • Free access to the online activities of the coding license, including complete downloadable sheets for teachers.

Kubo Brand

  • A robot and a USB charging cable.
  • A set of 46 coding tiles and a robot head.
  • An activity track and a blank track template for you to create your own challenges.
  • One tile of each: "stop" 2, 5 and 10 seconds.
  • One tile of each: "slow speed", "medium speed" or "fast speed".
  • Four "reverse" tiles.
  • Two "U-turn" tiles.
  • Two tiles of each: "forward speed x2, x3 or x4".
  • Two tiles "rotate 90 degrees at each turn". 
  • One tile "rotate 180 degrees every turn."
  • A "pivot left every turn" tile.
  • One "rotate right every turn" tile.
  • Additional function tiles, paving the way for teamwork and challenges.
  • Free access to the online activities of the coding license, including complete downloadable sheets for teachers.
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