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AirFly Pro

Wireless transmitter for wireless headphones
Twelve South

AirFly Pro is a wireless headset adapter that allows you to use your headphones or wireless headphones in areas with only a headphone jack, such as aircraft and treadmills. 

Plug this small transmitter into a headset jack to watch movies in flight or TV in the gym with a brand new wireless connection!

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Site Reference : RA_TIL230
Manufacturer Reference : TW-12-1911

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Shipped within 48h
69,99 €

AirFly Pro by Twelve South: wireless transmitter

AirFly Pro allows two people to listen to the same soundtrack, podcast or music with their favorite earphones or AirPod. It also allows you to transform any AUX jack into a Bluetooth connection for your wireless headsets and headphones.

  • Converts a headphone jack to a wireless headphone connection
  • Allows wireless headphones to work with wired headphone jacks
  • Allows AirPods to be combined with in-aircraft entertainment systems
  • Allows you to listen to music with your wireless sports headphones from fitness room devices
  • Connect two headphones to share music, movies and more.
  • Battery over 16 hours old.
  • Use it as an AUX IN adapter for your non-Bluetooth car, boat or speaker.
  • Compatibility: AirPods and other wireless Bluetooth headsets and headsets​


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