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Educational Robots

On Robot Advance, you can find all the leading brands of educational robots to teach the basics of robotics, code or programming in your classrooms to students of all ages. Robots but also educational kits for all levels, from beginners to the most experienced, that will allow children to learn in a fun way to use their imagination, creativity, sense of logic or problem solving to develop their STEAM skills day after day.


Educational robotics brands are redoubling their efforts to offer increasingly powerful and fun robots, thanks to which teachers will be able to maintain the children's interest and concentration throughout the learning process. But also robots and kits that are simple to use, understand and easy to learn, accompanied by various supports to facilitate their introduction into school curricula and at home: platforms, lesson plans, interactive supports or discussion spaces to enable communities around the world to exchange and help each other.


Educational robots on Robot Advance


Robot Advance offers you the biggest brands of educational robots for your schools such as Thymio, Edison, Ozobot, BeeBot, Sphero, TETRIX or LEGO Education but also robotics or electronics kits adapted to both classes and home like Makey Makey, Makeblock, Circuit Scribe, MakerBUINO or JIMU Robot.


Specialized for 10 years in the distribution of educational robotics, partner of many schools in France and reseller LEGO Education, we are at your service to answer all your requests and questions. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Thymio 2

Learning development and robotic

The Thymio educational robot has made an important place for itself in educational robotics for children in schools and homes. This fabulous interactive and programmable robot will allow children to learn in a fun, fun and progressive way about the world of programming and robotics.

The Thymio 2 robot is equipped with many sensors and a complete software suite: an open source robotics development platform suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Thymio adopts a variety of friendly behaviours that will capture the interest and attention of the youngest: friendly, exploratory, fearful, investigator, obedient and attentive!

Thymio is available in packs of 6 for your classes and schools or individually under different models and accessories: Thymio 2, Thymio Wireless, Thymio Challenge, IR Remote Control or Yeti Track.



Small price, small robot but infinite possibilities

The Edison robot is programmable, easy to use, LEGO compatible and educational. A ready-to-use, attractive and fun educational robot that will help children develop their computer, programming and creative skills.

Have the Edison robot perform hundreds of different actions. Thanks to its sensors, this educational robot will react to sound and light, and to control it, nothing could be easier than a TV or DVD remote control. 100% programmable in open source and hand size, it will allow the learning of programming in an exciting way. 

Edison is also compatible with LEGO bricks, which offers unlimited customization! ​



Programmable educational robots to learn STEM easily

Find all the robots like the now famous Makblock mBot to easily learn STEM at school and at home. Simple programming possibilities, robots that can take many forms, free online courses, a growing community and regular new features to keep the minds of novices and the most experienced !

Discover the different robots and additional kits to go further in the Makeblock creation, programming and robotics experience: inventor extension kit, light & sound, mBot servo, LED matrix, Wifi module, Bluetooth...



Mini programmable educational robot

Ozobot is a very small robot that offers great possibilities for children at school and at home. It offers activities for all levels: special markers and sets of lines or colours that robots can follow as you program.

Ozobot educational robots come in different models, kits and accessories available on Robot Advance: Ozobot Evo, Ozobot Bit, Ozobot Puzzle, Experience Pack and customization stickers or shells. The Ozobot Bit and Ozobot Evo robots are available individually or in packs of 12 sets for classes and schools.




Construction in companies

A new range of LEGO® products is for companies.

Discover the construction kits LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® dedicated to employees groups and allowing to set up workshop lasting one or two day about the structure of relationship in companies and about the professional framework!


AlphAI robot

Artificial intelligence educational robot

The AlphAI robot equipped with sensors, a camera for image recognition and a Raspberry Pi microcontroller programmed on Python is the perfect robot to teach your students Artificial Intelligence. Wide angle camera / Ultra-sound / 5 infra-red line tracking sensors, 2 drive wheels / 4 multi-colour LEDS / buzzer, Raspberry Pi Zero (linux, Python) / WiFi connection to PC.

Discover the different kits and licenses of the AlphAI educational robot from Learning Robots adapted for school and classroom.


Robot Bee Bot And Blue Bot

Learn shapes and colours: Bee Bot and Blue Bot

The Bee Bot and Blue Bot educational robots are fun bee-shaped robots that will allow little ones to learn the shapes, colours, numbers, alphabet or even the first steps of simplified programming according to the little robots and the different educational mats available. 

Available individually or in packs of 6 robots for classes and schools, the Blue Bot and Bee bot robots are the perfect tool to teach the youngest while having fun. Program the robots' paths and navigate them on the mats to allow children to enter this learning phase without even realizing it.




Educational robot: programming from 3 years old

Cubetto is a wooden educational robot to learn programming in a fun and inspiring way without using a screen. This is why it is recommended for children from the age of three. Simply create color codes and press the Go button to create your first control string and help the Cubetto robot move or avoid obstacles.

Plans, maps and instructions will help you to accompany the little ones on exciting and captivating adventures.

Orbotix (Sphero)

Orbotix : Sphero

Robotic ball for smartphone

Robotic ball Sphero, Ollie robot or even accessories to build a course will change the way you play. Controllable from your smartphone, intelligent and luminous, those connected robots will allow you to play with more than 20 different apps. They are waterproof and adapted to all sorts of floors with intuitive moves, quick and precise.

Robotic ball changes its look: discover now the brand-new Sphero 2.0 Star Wars !

LEGO® Education

LEGO® Education

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3, NXT, LEGO® Education WeDo, Tetrix and accessories

Discover all the best-sellers of the most famous brands of educational robots: LEGO® Education. Those bricks are to assembly and program to sensitize young and older children to new sensations. Education by practice for an interactive learning!

All the ranges LEGO® Education WeDo, Tetrix, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 & NXT Machines & Mechanisms or even BuildToExpress are to discover on Robot-Advance, such as numerous accessories of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education NXT: camera, sensors, infrared balls, compass, receivers…

We also make available a FAQ section to answer your questions about LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3.

Find all software and activity packs for download on this page.

iRobot Education

iRobot Education

iRobot Root and iRobot Create 3 educational robots

Dive into the world of programming and STEM with robotics expert iRobot. They have democratized robotics in the world of household robots and have adapted their innovative solutions to create fun and powerful educational robots to teach STEM, robotics, creativity and problem solving to children around the world.

Find on Robot-Advance the most prominent iRobot educational robots on the market: iRobot Root and iRobot Create 3.



Educational and programmable trains

Intelino is a brand of intelligent trains that focuses on learning through technology. Intelino products include programmable trains, track building kits and train accessories. Intelino trains are easy to use and program, even for beginners.

With the intuitive smartphone or tablet app, you can bring your ideas to life in a fun and entertaining way. Order now on our website to start your technology and programming adventure with Intelino trains!

Playmobil Pro

Playmobil Pro

Playmobil pro in company

Discover Playmobil Pro. Modeling kits to be used in a professional setting and offering many possibilities: prototyping, project management, creative workshops, etc... Playmobil Pro will allow you to work in companies and teams on problem solving thanks to a unique gamification solution.

Discover on Robot-Advance the two Playmobil Pro kits that companies will not be able to do without.

Other educational robots

Other educational robots

Robots to program and to learn

Find in this section a set of new generation educational robots to learn coding, programming, scratch or artificial intelligence at school or at home. These educational robots are less known but have been selected for their quality, pedagogy and learning capacities.

The manufacturers redouble their imagination to offer you each year new educational robots more and more advanced. Discover them now!

TurtleBot 3

TurtleBot 3

Official ROS Platform: AI research begins here

TurtleBot3 is a new generation mobile robot that's modular, compact and customizable.

Let's explore ROS and create exciting applications for education, research and product development.

Robotic Kits and Arms

Kits, arms and robotics hands

Complete kits for your robotics projects

Find here complete and affordable kits to teach robotics through demonstrations but also to carry out ambitious robotics projects. You will find here a hexapod, mobile platforms with sensors, servomotors but also robotic arms or bionic robot hands.

These kits are mostly created by DFRobot, a company of specialists but also passionate about robotics: quality equipment at affordable prices.

TTS Group Education

TTS Group Education

Educational objects and robots for learning

For more than 30 years, TTS Group has been providing educational objects and robots for schools in 87 countries around the world. Objects that rely on the feedback from classes, students and their teachers to offer ever more educational objects such as the educational robots Bee Bot and blue Bot.

On Robot-Advance, you will find digital microscopes, digiscopes, programming tools or TTS educational robots for use in the classroom and at home.

DJI Robomaster S1

DJI Robomaster S1

High performance programmable educational robot​

Discover the Robomaster DJI programmable educational robot. A high-performance robot to explore robotics, STEM and programming in an intuitive, fun and immersive way. This robot is equipped with programmable AI modules and allows the creation of programs via Scratch or Python.

Different competitive game modes have been integrated to allow children to learn in a fun way and to customize their robot to gain an advantage over their opponents.



Real and virtual educational games for iPad

​How about using your iPad in a whole new way. It is no longer a question of simple virtual educational applications, but of carrying out manual actions that will have a direct impact on the applications. Discover the Osmo kits that will allow your children to learn the basics of code, shapes, numbers, letters or colours in a fun and totally revolutionary way. 

Fun games and problems that will have to be solved using the physical elements provided in the Osmo kits, to be discovered without further delay!


TETRIX By Pitsco

TETRIX By Pitsco

Build and program educational robots

Pitsco's TETRIX programmable sets are robotic programming kits consisting of numerous metal parts and components. They allow students to work in groups on the creation of a robot and its programming to learn STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Pitsco proposes to integrate its brand into school educational programs through TETRIX PRIME, TETRIX MAX and expansion sets providing several additional building components. 



Intelligent educational robots 

Robotis offers what’s the best in terms of humanoid and programmable robots for general public. A jewel of technology that you can find in Bioloid GP and DARwin (integrated card, lithium-ion rechargeable battery…): models programmable and controllable from your smartphone. The programming of those educational robots will allow you to program and define numerous interactions with you and the environment.

An almost human behavior that will make them more endearing !

Discover also in this section modules and Robotis pieces (power supply, controllers, charger, modules…) and Dynamixel servomotors AX-12, AX-18, RX, MX…



Robots to be built, programmed and controlled

The new Robobloq educational robots have everything you need to enter the big league. These construction robots are made of robust aluminium parts and can be improved with a large number of additional modules and sensors. Programming is done simply by dragging and dropping or via known languages such as Python, JavaScript, C++ and Swift.

Robobloq offers educational robots but also educational materials, elements for robotics competitions and a support for exchange between users all over the world to facilitate its understanding and integration into school curricula.



Collaborative robot, 6 axes, programmable and open source

Niryo Ned is a 6-axis open source collaborative robot manufactured in France. Affordable and easy to use, it has been designed for higher education, vocational training and R&D laboratories.

Programming possible with Scratch (Blockly), Python, C++, Matlab, Modbus TCP/IP, TCP ASCII Server.



Take control of your LEGO constructions

Imagine that you can control any LEGO construction with your smartphone or tablet. This is now possible thanks to SBrick, the new LEGO remote ​control solution. Incorporate brick into your LEGO constructions, adjust their speed and power, create control chains and have fun.

SBrick is LEGO Power Functions & Technic compatible and SBrick Plus is LEGO Power Functions, Technic & WeDo 1.0 compatible

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