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Trendy accessories and objects for everyday life

Find in this section all the accessories and trendy objects that we have found for you. Discoveries and must-haves that we have selected for you: the best products at the best price. Accessories and objects design, useful, powerful, of recognized brands or to know and which will facilitate you the life with the daily newspaper.


You will find in this section the essential accessories for your everyday objects: cell phone covers, tablet or computer sleeves, graphic tablets, gaming accessories or even chargers and portable batteries for your everyday electronic devices.



Notre sélection d'accessoires contient des marques qui ont su se faire une place à travers des produits innovants et performants mais aussi des marques moins connues, que nous voulons vous faire découvrir mais qui attachent tout autant d'importance à la qualité de ce qu'elles proposent.


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Dog and cat accessories

Litter, carrier bags, grooming, dispensers

Discover a selection of connected and trendy objects for dogs and cats. Connected objects to control everything, to make life easier for you and your pets and to make sure that everything is fine even when you are not at home. Innovative and essential connected objects for your best friends.

Find among the products: transport bag, grooming machine, kibble and water dispensers or connected litter box.

Backpacks and transport bags

Transport and travel bags

Backpacks, transport and travel bags

Discover our selection of backpacks, travel bags or bags to use every day to go to work, on weekends or simply to carry all your items from one place to another. We have selected trendy bags from well-known brands such as marshall or from brands to discover for the quality of their bags.

Robustness, longevity, security, mobility and comfort of use are the key words of the Robot-Advance trendy bags section.

Internal and external hard disk

Internal and external hard drives

Fast, high performance, high capacity hard drives

Discover our selection of high performance, high capacity internal and external hard drives. Find the perfect quality, reliable model to optimise your computing experience. Choose from internal hard drives for desktop PCs and portable external hard drives for on-the-go.

Internal hard drives, external hard drives, SSDs, up to 8TB, USB 3.0 for PC, XBOX or PS4 and PS5.

Wireless Chargers And Portable Batteries

Wireless Chargers And Batteries

Fast charging and extra battery life for phones, computers and tablets

Discover the Robot Advance selection of brands that are experts in the field of mobile charging. A selection of high-performance wireless chargers and mobile batteries to take with you wherever you go to keep your phones, computers and tablets 100% charged wherever you are: at the office or in the car, at home or travelling around the world.

Find solar batteries, intelligent chargers compatible with Qi with charge distribution and overheating protection and even iPhone and Samsung shells with integrated battery for more autonomy.

Hubs and adapters

Hubs and adapters

Hubs, cables and adapters

Whether you need to connect multiple peripherals to your laptop, transfer data at high speed, or expand the ports available, these hubs and adapters offer reliable and efficient solutions.

Our selection includes USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet adapters and much more, all selected for their quality, price and performance.

shells and protection

Shells and protections

iPad, iPhone, Airpod, tablets and phones cases

Discover a Robot-Advance selection of covers and protections for your everyday objects. iPhones, iPads, tablets and phones are everywhere and the covers are not only used to protect but also to decorate. You will find here covers and protections to collect, interchange and match.


Gaming Accessories

Gaming headsets, mouses and keyboards

Gaming is a recent universe but recognized worldwide. New international competitions, new gaming platforms that are constantly evolving and more innovative games. Discover a Robot-Advance selection of gaming headsets, keyboards and mouses to improve your gaming experience and performance.

iPad and MacBook sleeves

MacBook, iPad and Surface Pro Sleeves

Trendy, design and resistant sleeves

Discover here the Robot-Advance selection of trendy and robust cases to carry your iPad, MacBook or Surface Pro everywhere you go. We have selected sleeves from well-known or yet-to-be-known brands that stand out for the quality of the products they offer.

Fabric, polyester or leather sleeves, choose the one you like and will perfectly fit your iPad, MacBook or Surface Pro.

Graphic Tablets

Graphic Tablets

Graphic tablets for professionals and drawing enthusiasts

Discover in this section a selection of high-performance graphic tablets to let your creativity express itself through your most beautiful pencil strokes. Graphics tablets allow you to view your drawings on your computer, colour them, save them, save them or file them in the blink of an eye.

The ISKN and Huion graphic tablets offer state-of-the-art innovations to preserve the user's pleasure of drawing. 

High Tech

High Tech

High Tech Accessories

Find in this section a set of connected accessories or High Tech products that will revolutionize your daily life. All products selected by Robot Advance are recognized for their quality and performance.



Fully equipped high-performance drones 

Find here the PNJ drones and complete accessory kits for memorable flight experiences. PNJ is a major challenger in the field of drones, which offers high-performance drones at prices lower than those of the leading brands on the market.

Discover the G-SKY 100 LCD video headset for a full immersion flight and drones equipped with full HD cameras, controllable via smartphone or dedicated remote controls with altitude maintenance or automatic takeoff & landing.

LEGO Storage

LEGO Storage

Storage boxes for LEGO and toys

LEGO Storage offers you colorful and design boxes with the appearance of bricks or LEGO figurine heads to store your LEGOs of course but also all other children's toys.

These LEGO storage boxes fit together to create colourful and especially practical storage spaces for children's bedrooms or classrooms.

iPad and Mac holders

iPad Mac and MacBook stands

Supports for laptops and tablets

Discover our selection of the best stands for laptops and tablets such as iPads, Macs and MacBooks. Extensions to your workspace that help you work more comfortably, more creatively and more productively every day, whether you're a student or a professional.

We select the highest quality iPad, Mac or MacBook stands in terms of quality, performance and longevity.

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