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Smartphone Connected Robots

Everyone today has a smartphone or tablet that can interact with a multitude of innovative objects that make everyday life easier. Whether it's in the field of health, listening to music in the evening or on the road, controlling your home, playing games or offering yourself a unique immersive virtual reality experience, anything is possible.


Find here all the connected objects that will make your day-to-day life easier: connected watches and bracelets made in France to monitor your physical activity day and night, balances, blood pressure monitors and thermometers to find out everything about your state of health, connected speakers and the latest generation bluetooth with super-powerful sound, including the best virtual reality headsets or all the high-performance home automation components to control your shutters, heating or lighting from anywhere in your home.


Objets connectés


For more than 10 years, Robot Advance has been searching for connected objects that appeal and are recognized by users and experts alike for their outstanding performance, quality or innovative function.  We focus on the best products and brands you can trust us with.

Discover all our selection of connected objects in the following sections: connected health, connected watches and trackers, wireless chargers and batteries, Bluetooth and connected speakers, home automation, smartphone gadgets and RV headsets.

3D printers and printing

3D printers and printing

3D printers Wifi, Colour, compact and high performance 

The 3D printer is now part of the technological landscape and has been democratized for leisure as well as for professional projects. Robot-Advance has selected for you different 3D printers adapted for beginners or professionals: compact, high-performance, secure, multi-color or single-color.

The 3D printers are delivered with software containing more than 3000 references of 3D prints to be modified or not before launching your prints.

Speakers, headphones and earphones

Speakers, headphones and earphones

Powerful sound, waterproofing, Bluetooth connection and integrated charger

Discover our selection of portable speakers, wireless headphones and high-performance earphones that you can take anywhere with you. Whether you're at home, at the party, on a trip, at the pool or at the beach, these speakers offer powerful, high-quality sound, a Bluetooth connection, certified waterproofing or a built-in charger that you can enjoy wherever you are.

The best sound, everywhere, wherever you are!

Health Connected

Health Connected

Our selection of health connected objects!

In this section you will find all the connected objects we have chosen to help you monitor and take care of your body's well-being. The e-health sector is a flourishing sector that offers ever more innovative objects that will make your daily life easier. 

From the smart connected scale to the connected thermometer, not forgetting the blood pressure monitor, immerse yourself in our connected health products from leading brands that we have chosen for their respect for quality, safety and performance.

Portable scanner

Portable and office scanners

Compact, portable and high performance scanners

Scan books, documents, business cards, passports, magazines and anything else you want to scan wherever you are. Discover a selection of portable, high-performance and screenless scanners to take anywhere and use at work, at home, on vacation or on business trips.

Scan your files, store them, turn them into Word / PDF files and share them directly by email or on social networks.

Speech translators

Speech translators

Voice translators earbuds and devices

Discover the instant translators available now on Robot-Advance. These innovative devices enable fluent conversations in multiple languages thanks to real-time translations and remarkable accuracy.

Ideal for travel, business and everyday interactions, the translators are packed with advanced features for an optimal user experience.

Connected Watches And Trackers

Connected Watches And Trackers

Watches and trackers from the latest generation to help you every day

In this category, find a selection of activity bracelets or state-of-the-art connected watches. Elegant and high-performance, these products can be worn night and day, at the office during the week or for your sports sessions on weekends.

These connected watches and bracelets include a wide range of features to track your activity day and night: sports sessions, heart rate, pedometer, GPS, sleep and synchronization of your mobile information (SMS, calls, e-mail, calendar, notifications or applications).

Home Automation

Home automation

Connected objects to automate your interior

Find here connected objects from all horizons that will simplify your daily life: intelligent sockets and switches, temperature, humidity or opening sensors, automatic roller shutters or multi-connected remote controls.

Home automation allows you in a few clicks to manage and control your interior.

Video projectors

Video projectors

High performance video projectors, portable up to 4K

Discover the Robot-Advance selection of latest generation video projectors to use for watching your movies at home or for projecting your presentations at the office. Video projectors for all budgets and all uses. From the pocket-sized video projector to the very high definition 4k video projector with Dolby Digital sound: make your choice!

Augmented Reality Headset And Carboard

Augmented Reality Headset And Carboard

Augmented reality (VR) at your fingertips!

In this section you will find all our virtual reality headsets and accessories thanks to which you will be able to live an unforgettable immersive RV experience. We offer all types of headsets but only from brands recognized in the virtual reality world: Homido and HTC.

We have selected complete VR headset kits for professionals but also RV glasses for less than 15€ to allow everyone to enjoy an augmented reality experience through movies, video games and a multitude of other VR worlds.

Sport cameras and poles

Sports cameras and telescopic poles

Frame, film and share your adventures

Discover the Robot-Advance selection of sports cameras and telescopic poles at the best value for money on the market. High-performance, mobile and durable cameras that allow you to share your adventures and daily life with your friends or directly on social networks. 

With sports cameras and telescopic poles: live, shoot, film and share!

Electric Scooters And Hoverboard

Electric Scooters And Hoverboard

Convenient, fun and fast travel

Hoverboards and electric scooters are now among the most widely used and appreciated urban means of transport, just like bicycles.

Discover on Robot Advance a selection of high quality and high performance electric scooters and Hoverboards with which you can move quickly and easily wherever you are and wherever you go.

Interactive tables and screens

Interactive Screens

High Performance 4K Interactive Displays

Discover the Robot-Advance selection of interactive tables and screens that are indispensable for professional presentations or for engaging and learning in the classroom: interactive table for children, interactive screen with simultaneous use by several people, interactive screens on castors with electric height adjustment or interactive video projector.

High-performance professional equipment that will offer you new perspectives.

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