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Smartphone Connected Robots

Everyone owns today a smartphone. That is what make all the robots and connected robots so popular! Rolling or flying iInteractive and programmable robots which are controllable from your smartphone.
Find out in this section drones, boats , robotic balls, inchworms robots or even 3D pen that are entirely controllable and usable from your smartphone: a small revolution to enjoy with no limits!


Augmented Reality Headset And Carboard

Augmented Reality Headset And Carboard

Augmented reality headset easy to use

In this section find all of our virtual reality headsets. For all budgets, you’ll find something you like, headset to build yourself, Samsung headset… Come and take a look at all of our augmented reality headsets to jump into the future and fully live any kind of adventure.

Connected Watches And Trackers

Connected Watches And Trackers

Watches and trackers from the latest generation to help you every day

In this section, you will find bracelets or activity tracker watches from the latest generation.

Stylish, connected, all kind of types and styles will find something they like. From the connected watch activity tracker Activité Sapphire with a “Swiss Made” label to the Pulse Ox bracelet for sportsmen, come and take a look at all of our products! 

Bulbs And Lamps Connected

Bulbs And Lamps Connected

Tame the light

Find in this section objects created, lamps or lightbulbs to create atmospheres expressing your mood, improving your sleep, waking you up with the day light or even partying.

Play with light with your smartphone and express your creativity. 

Health Connected

Health Connected

Dive in the world of health 2.0 with the connected health objects !

Find in this section all connected objects for health.

The field of e-health is a booming sector that offers more and more innovative objects that will make your life easier. From the smart body analyzer to the small connected thermometer, don’t hesitate and take a look at all of our products!

Orbotix (Sphero)

Orbotix : Sphero

Robotic ball for smartphone

Robotic ball Sphero, Ollie robot or even accessories to build a course will change the way you play. Controllable from your smartphone, intelligent and luminous, those connected robots will allow you to play with more than 20 different apps. They are waterproof and adapted to all sorts of floors with intuitive moves, quick and precise.

Robotic ball changes its look: discover now the brand-new Sphero 2.0 Star Wars !

Smartphones & Gadgets

Smartphones gadgets

Connected accessories for mobiles

Find in this section a set of connectable gadget to your Smartphone with which you can have fun your own or with friends. 
From 3D pens to give life to your drawings to the wireless virtual reality headset Homido, as well as Smartphone remote-controlled choppers; it is those connected gadgets that will offer you a brand-new gaming experience !


Mini Parrot drones

Mini Parrot drones

The brand Parrot is well-known for the quality of the drones it produces. That’s why we have selected especially for you a set of Parrot drones: robots connected to your Smartphones with which you’ll live unforgettable moments.

From AR Drone 2.0 equipped with a HD camera 720p to the Heydrofoil drone that has sophisticated propellers in order to navigate in freshwaters as well as the racing robot equipped with LED for night piloting, it’s a lot of exceptional connected robots that you can discover in our connected section ! 

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