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Toys for children: girls and boys

Because robots are not the only ones that are fun, Robot Advance offers you its unique selection of toys. From new products that will make your children's eyes shine, to historical models that have already proven their worth in homes around the world, find here all the children's toys to offer for Christmas, birthdays or just to please.


We have selected toys for all children, all passions and all ages so that you can find the one that will please your little girl as well as your little boy: remote controlled cars, circuits, LEGO, early childhood games or Transformers, make your choice!


Toys for childrens boy and girl


Robot Advance offers you historical or innovative toys that will never stop working on your children's creativity and imagination, such as LEGO Classic, LEGO Technic, Meccano, Bunchems or Kumi Kreator to create your own friendship bracelets. But also logic or speed toys such as remote controlled cars & exost circuits and 3D Perplexus labyrinths.


Playing also means letting yourself be drawn into an imaginary world. The Hatchimals or Patrol Patrol toys contain our selection that will allow your children to immerse themselves in the world of the heroes they admire!

Exost Remote-Controlled Cars

Remote-Controlled Cars And Exost Tours

Cascades, speed and thrills !

Find here the latest generation remote-controlled cars and circuits of Exost by Silverlit. Controllable cars up to 15 meters, which can go up to 12 km/h and perform looping or stunts but always by falling back on their wheels. Cars of all sizes and colours that will entertain children from the age of 5. 

Exost Loop circuits are circuits for remote-controlled cars to create yourself with looping, jumps, long straight lines or curves. Control the speed of both cars and activate the Boost function to pass your opponents in a straight line.



New generation of construction toys

Meccano, these are the latest generation of toys to be built: hundreds of metal parts, two tools and assembly instructions that will allow children from 5 to 15 years old to create several models of vehicles or dinosaurs with which they can then have fun: Formula 1 Ferrari, Ducati motorcycle, 4x4, SUV, cabriolets, buggy, you can choose! Some of these Meccano vehicles to be built are equipped with functional suspensions and steering, adjustable speed motors and stickers to customize these vehicles of character.

On Robot Advance, you will find two 60-centimetre and 1.22-metre Meccanoids robots to be built, fully programmable and equipped with artificial intelligence, with which children can play and have fun.

Paw Patrol toys

Paw Patrol Toys

Paw Patrol Headquarters and trucks

Paw Patrol is one of the children's favorite cartoons: a group of hero puppies each with a specialty and who together save the inhabitants of the Great Valley from all dangers. On Robot Advance, you will find all the Paw Patrol's vehicles that will allow children to take control of dangerous missions.

Find the Paw Patrol Headquarters, the Paw Patroller Truck, Rubble's Construction Truck, Marshall' Fire Truck or the Submarine Patroller, thanks to which children will immerse themselves in adventures of which they are the heroes!

LEGO Storage

LEGO Storage

Storage boxes for LEGO and toys

LEGO Storage offers you colorful and design boxes with the appearance of bricks or LEGO figurine heads to store your LEGOs of course but also all other children's toys.

These LEGO storage boxes fit together to create colourful and especially practical storage spaces for children's bedrooms or classrooms.


Bakugan Toys

Summon your favorite Bakugan !

The Bakugan is the new phenomenon of television and playgrounds. Thanks to Bakugan toys, children can now play as their favourite heroes and train with their Bakugan.

On Robot-Advance you can find the Bakugan Deka, the battle pack, the battle arena, the starter pack or the Dragonoid Maximus and the storage case. Everything you need to take your Bakugan toys everywhere with you and become a better trainer every day !

Robocar Poli

Robocar Poli

Convertible toys and headquarters

Enter the world of the hit cartoon Robocar Poli. The children will play their favorite heroes of the rescue team and go on a mission in the surrounding area. Transformable vehicles, headquarters or Totobus, recreate the entire Polished Robocar scenery.

Choose your hero and go on an adventure: Poli, Roy, Amber, Helly and the others!

Light My Bricks

Light My Bricks

LEGO Lighting Kits

Discover LEGO lighting kits to illuminate your buildings and take them to a whole new dimension. These LEGO lighting kits can be customized but are also compatible with your favorite LEGO constructions: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, vehicles...

These LEGO lighting kits are easy to install with step-by-step explanations and thread under and between the bricks to become invisible once the lighting is activated.

Spinner Mad by Silverlit

Spinner Mad by Silverlit

New generation spinning tops

Silverlit brings the spinning tops up to date with the Spinner Mad packs. Composed of blasters, light spinning tops and arena, these packs contain everything you need to take on your friends for hours in the heart of the arena. Load the spinning tops onto the blaster, reload to give it speed and pull the trigger to enter the arena and start the fight.

Robot-Advance offers you the Deluxe Pack, Double Shoot Blaster and Single Blaster Pack from Spinner Mad.

Hatchimals toys

Hatchimals Toys

Hatching and collecting toys

Hatchimals are this year's flagship toys. 80 different figurines hidden in eggs that the children will have to warm up and hatch. An unstoppable surprise effect and the excitement of gradually discovering the Hatchimals hiding inside. Then play the Hatchimals in magical settings such as the coral castle or the flower shower!

The Hatchimals figurines are all different and represent animals from which the children will no longer be able to separate. Cute little animals, that change color underwater and to discover without delay on Robot Advance.

Koa Koa

Koa Koa

Educational kits to build from 6 to 10 years old

Discover the educational kits to build Koa Koa. Kits you can create yourself and play with to learn how to develop the creativity and innovative capacity of children and parents alike. Science becomes more fun right away !

Koa Koa educational games are 100% designed in Europe and assembled in France.

Cool Maker

Cool Maker: creative kits

Create your own bracelets

Kumi Kreator is the friendship bracelet creation kit that all children love. An innovative machine that allows you to create thousands of different friendship bracelet models in no time at all. Place the desired colours in the wristband machine, turn the crank and the wristband is created in front of your eyes with a snap of your fingers.

The Kumi Kreator kit contains the accessories for creating 10 friendship bracelets, then choose new colours for new bracelets. Also on this page you can find the Go Glam Nail Stamper kit for nail polish and a perfect manicure!

LEGO® Classic

LEGO Classic

LEGO offers you creativity

No more LEGO building instructions as you know them and make way for a totally creative and no limits construction game. Discover LEGO® Classic boxes that contain LEGO® of all shapes, colours and accessories to create what you want, how you want it. Imagine and create the world you like for fun.

LEGO® Classic boxes contain construction ideas in case you need more inspiration.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

Synthetic sand made in Europe

Discover the new game Spin Master: Kinetic Sand. A synthetic sand made in Europe to create the most beautiful sand constructions at home as if you were at the beach. This sand does not stick, does not crumble, does not get dirty and keeps a permanently wet look for outstanding sand constructions.

Discover the Kinetic Sand packs with coloured sand, moulds and carrying cases.

Twisty Petz

Twisty Petz

Animals that can be transformed into jewellery

Imagine turning your favourite toys into trendy and unique jewellery in the blink of an eye to take everywhere! This is the Twisty Petz concept that is all the rage among little girls. Go from toy to jewelry and vice versa in the blink of an eye and take your Twisty Pets everywhere with you.

This new collectible toy from Spinmaster offers more than 70 different models to discover.

Board games

Board games

Board games, card games or strategy games.

Discover in this section the board games selected by Robot-Advance to spend good times with friends or family. Whether classic board games, board games, card games or strategic thinking games, they are innovative, fun and out of the ordinary.

Otrio, 5-minute Dungeon, Challenge your parents...Discover our selection of board games to offer or to treat yourself to for a good time at home, on holiday or in the evening!


Perplexus 3D Labyrinth

Thinking games: new generation labyrinths

The Perplexus are new generation labyrinths for children from the age of 8 years. 4 models of 3D labyrinths enclosed in transparent spheres that must be analyzed from every angle. They each have their own level of difficulty with a variable number of obstacles ranging from 75 to 125 and a model dedicated to the famous Harry Potter series: the Perplexus "Dilemma".

An original, intriguing and fun puzzle game that children will enjoy trying to solve. Some Perplexus have several starting points to repeat the labyrinth several times without ever getting bored.



Mini and large format arcade games

No more nostalgia for your favorite arcade games. Find on Advance robot the best arcade games available in mini version or on large format arcades that you have all played at least once.

Among the reference arcade games available here, find the famous Pac Man, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Asteroids or Space invaders.

Bunchems Creative Leisure

Bunchems, Creative Leisure

Create characters, shapes, objects and animals of all colours

Discover the Bunchems, this new creative leisure activity that all children talk about and that will offer you new moments to share with your family at home. Bunchems are small balls of all colours that can be joined together by simple pressure and with which you can create anything you want: shapes, objects, characters, buildings or animals, it is up to you.

The Bunchems packs available on Robot Advance contain for some accessories to let children customize their creations and let themselves be transported without limits in their imagination.

Demo Duke

4x4 Demo Duke

New interactive toy Spin Master

Discover Demo Duke, Spin Master's new interactive toy whose children will no longer be able to separate. This interactive 4x4 crashes and repairs itself. Throw it at full speed against the obstacles and let it be repaired until the next race!

The 4x4 Demo Duke is a fun and interactive toy for children from 4 years old.


Batman Toys

Figures of Batman and Batmobile

Here you'll find 4 or 12 inch Batman figurines that children can play with as they create their own adventures and missions in Gotham City. The miniatures are equipped with transformable armor, numerous articulation points and other features for optimal realism!

Find the Batman miniatures but also the famous Batmobile, radio-controlled or not, with which Batman will go on increasingly perilous missions.

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