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Irobots high performing domestic robots

Who never dreamt of an automatic and good cleaning? Thanks to all of Irobot domestic robots, this dream comes true!
From the vacuum-cleaning robot to the floor mopping robot as well as windows cleaner robots, no surface will resist to Irobot and Winbot high-performing domestic robots.

Discover our products new or used (completely revisited) robots and the accessories such as brushes, filters, wipes or cleaner liquid for an optimal functioning of your domestic robots. 


Vacuum cleaning robots iRobot Roomba

Vacuum-cleaning robot Irobot Roomba

Vacuum your floors effortless !

Make your life easier and take the opportunity to vacuum when you are not at home is what offer Roomba robots by Irobots. Discover high performing vacuum-cleaners for a targeted and detailed work in all of the rooms of your house: automatic refill, detection of the dirtiest zones and autonomous cleaning according your programming. 
Sold singles or in packs with accessories Roomba, vacuum your floor now effortless!

Floor washing robots

Floor mopping robot Scooba by Irobot

Your floor cleans itself now !

Floor cleaner robots Roomba by Irobot represent technology at its best. Thanks to them you can enjoy a carefully and targeted cleaned floor. You don’t need to be home anymore; Scooba robots are programmable, intelligent, and meticulous and will make your life easier. 
Discover Roomba accessories such as cleaner liquids, power batteries, carpet or charging station but also cleaning robots new or used completely revisited and functional.

Floor mopping robots iRobot Braava

Floor cleaner robot Braava by Irobot

Clean your floors with wipes and microfibers !

Whether we have children or not, having a clean floor in all circumstances is required in all houses. A long and tiring household choir that will disappear thanks to the floor cleaning robot Braava by Irobot. Easy to use, equipped with a navigation system, wipes and microfibers, it will take care of cleaning your floors while you’re away or during nights without any noise.
Discover Braava accessories such as cleaner liquids, refills, power batteries or charging station but also the domestic robots sold single or in packs. 

IRobot Spare Parts For Roomba, Scooba and Braava

iRobot Spare Parts

Repair your Roomba, Scooba and Braava with certified spare parts

The secret of the longevity and performance of your household robots is of course in how to use them but also and especially to maintain them. On the Robot Advance you will find Roomba and Braava packs containing maintenance equipment, but also in this range of iRobot certified spare parts: front wheel, dust bin, cleaning head module, self-charging home-base or Braava Jet 240 tank filter.

Winbot Windows cleaning robot

Windows cleaning robots Winbot

The robot that cleans your glass itself !

You don’t have to clean your house’s glasses anymore but they still will remain spotless, here is the magic of the windows cleaning robot. Equipped with solid frond and back pads and a central scraper blade, they clean your windows autonomously without a scratch or a mark. 
Intelligent navigation, easy using, discretion and security are the assets of Winbot robot by Ecovacs, to discover on Robot-Advance !

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