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Clean Base iRobot Roomba i Series Certified

Official iRobot Roomba spare part i Series

Clean Base iRobot Roomba i-series without cord for Roomba i3, i4 and i7 series vacuum cleaner. Roomba robots from iRobot are bought for their longevity but at some point you may need to change a part to give it a second wind. Wheels, sensors, batteries, brushes and other official Roomba parts are offered on our website at the best price. We only sell certified iRobot spare parts to restore your Roomba vacuum cleaners efficiently and effortlessly.

Contact us to check the compatibility of a part with your Roomba iRobot robot model. Robot-Advance is not responsible for any damage caused by the replacement of parts on your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. Please note: the power cord is not included.

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Site Reference : RA_IRO211
Manufacturer Reference : 4639333

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Shipped within 2 to 8 Days
399,99 €

Clean Base iRobot Roomba i3 / i4 / i7 - Original iRobot spare part

Clean Base iRobot Roomba i-series without cord for Roomba i3, i4 and i7 series vacuum cleaner. Roomba robots from iRobot are bought for their longevity but at some point you may need to change a part to give it a second wind. Wheels, sensors, batteries, brushes and other official Roomba parts are offered on our website at the best price.

We only sell certified iRobot spare parts to restore your Roomba vacuum cleaners efficiently and effortlessly.

  • Contact us to check the compatibility of a part with your Roomba iRobot robot model.
  • Robot-Advance is not responsible for any damage caused by the replacement of parts on your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner.
  • Please note: the power cord is not included.
  • x1 Clean Base iRobot Roomba i3 / i4 / i7 (Official iRobot part)
  • Please note: the power cord is not included.
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