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iPhone 7 And 8 Shells And Lenses

Pack 2 Shells + Lens iPhone 7/8 7+/8++

Olloclip's 2 Shells + Lens iPhone 7/8 7+/8+ Pack is a device designed to capture better images with your iPhone. It offers a special and unique experience to users of the apple crunch brand. It provides unambiguous image quality through very simple installation and use. 

This Olloclip iPhone 7 and 8 lens and shell pack can be taken anywhere with you to capture any image at any time. The purpose of this pack is to allow the instant editing and sharing of the photos you will take...

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Site Reference : RA_TIL207
Manufacturer Reference : OL-OC-0000216-EU

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Shell and lens pack for iPhone 7/8 and 7+/8+

The 2 Shells + lens pack for iPhone has all the features of the old version with improvements. It is an objective designed to adapt to any type of environment. It allows the user to let his creativity express itself freely. It offers a 180° spiral effect.

The purpose of the brand is not only to give the user infinite possibilities but also to allow him to capture the best possible image. The equipment allows you to take 360° shots of landscapes, make high quality group selfies and high definition portraits.

This Olloclip pack is the essential tool to take group photos or to capture large spaces in high definition. The grip field is therefore twice as wide as that of a normal iPhone. Photos can be easily edited and shared.

The strong points of the Pack 2 Shells + lens iPhone 7/8 7+/8+

  • The Pack is a kit to considerably improve the images made with your iPhone.
  • It allows to have images with an optimized quality.
  • It is perfect for selfie enthusiasts.
  • It is compatible with screen protectors.
  • It benefits from a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

The Pack 2 Shells + Lens iPhone 7/8 7+/8+ can also be used with other olloclip Connect lenses. It has optics made of multilayer glass that optimizes image quality. The unit easily aligns with the front and rear cameras.

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