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iRobot Roomba i7156 Vacuum Cleaner Robot

iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot

Discover the new high-performance vacuum cleaner model from the reference brand iRobot: the Roomba i7150. 3-step cleaning system, 10 times more suction than the Roomba 600 series, adaptation to every room in your home with Imprint technology ™ Smart Mapping and remote control of your vacuum cleaner via your spartphone.

The iRobot Roomba i7150 is this year's must have. An autonomous, intelligent, high-performance, programmable and infallible vacuum cleaner!

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Site Reference : RA_IRO110
Manufacturer Reference : i715640

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iRobot Roomba i7150, high performance vacuum cleaner

The Roomba® i7 robot vacuum cleaner uses a premium 3-step cleaning system with two multi-surface rubber brushes and a vacuum 10 times greater than the Roomba 600 series to clean all types of floors in your home. With Smart Mapping, you can control which parts of your interior need to be cleaned and when. The cleaning power of your iRobot Roomba i7150 is always at hand with the iRobot HOME application on Smartphone. The Roomba i7150 is compatible with the iRobot Clean Base™ Automatic removal of dirt that you can buy separately. 

Reparability Index iRobot i7 8.1

Technology Imprint™ Smart Mapping Roomba i7150

The Roomba i7150 maps and learns the whole of your interior, which allows it to adapt to each of its rooms. This is done using the technology Imprint™ Smart Mapping: the vacuum cleaner will learn the plan of your interior while cleaning and memorizing this card for the next cleaning cycles. He will be able to determine the best way to clean according to the orientation of each room, the placement of your furniture, etc. Once the robot has memorized these plans and you have labeled your parts, your Smart Map will allow you to decide from the HOME iRobot mobile application, whether you want to clean a particular room, several rooms or an entire level of your home.

The Roomba i7150 robot can record up to 10 different interior shots, allowing you to move it from one floor to another or even to another house. He will always act autonomously and intelligently in all the spaces he has mapped and recorded.


iRobot Roomba i7150 smart mapping


The advantages of the iRobot Roomba i7150

  • Power-Lifting suction that delivers 10 times more suction power than the Roomba 600 series for improved collection performance
  • The patented iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM® technology navigation system allows the Roomba i7150 to map your interior and store it for intelligent and efficient cleaning at a whole level. The Roomba will create its own visual cues and know for itself where it has gone and where it has not gone.
  • Ideal for homes with pets: The 3-step cleaning system cleans away the dirt and pet hair you see, as well as allergens and dust that are invisible to your eyes. The high efficiency filter captures 99% of cat and dog allergens.
  • Enjoy hands-free control with Alexa-compatible devices and Google Assistant. The Roomba i7150 knows your house, its different rooms and determines the best way to clean with Imprint™ Smart Mapping. This new iRobot vacuum cleaner knows your kitchen, living room, bedroom... Choose which parts are cleaned and when in the iRobot HOME App.
  • Wi-Fi connection, edge sweeping brush, automatically adjustable cleaning head, patented dirt detection system Detect™ Technology, intelligent navigation, recharges itself and automatically resumes cleaning, carpet work and hard floors.
  • iRobot® Roomba® i7 Robot Vacuum
  • 1 Home Base® Charging Station
  • 1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barrier
  • 1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
  • 1 Extra Side Brush

Video of the Roomba i7150 iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

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