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LEGO Storage: Stackable Head

LEGO storage head girl and boy

The LEGO storage head is the emblematic storage head of the brand and will allow you to store both your LEGOs and your toys. Its elegant design allows it to be as useful as it is stylish, and to serve as a decorative object for the biggest fans of the LEGO brand.

Choose from a cheeky girl's, boy's or boy's head and nest these stackable LEGO storage heads one on top of the other to create the decor you want.

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Site Reference : RA_NJJ003
Manufacturer Reference : 40311725

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Stackable LEGO storage head

These LEGO storage heads are the most iconic storage boxes of the LEGO brand. The Best Seller is back with 3 different models to choose from:


  • The LEGO storage head girl
  • The LEGO storage head boy
  • The LEGO storage head mischievous boy

These boxes can be stacked on top of each other and open at the top to store your LEGOs, toys, office items or food. These boxes are made of durable plastic (Polypropylene) and have been approved for food storage.

Each model is available in different sizes:

  • LEGO storage head size S: 16 cm diameter x 19.5 cm height
  • LEGO storage head size L: 19 cm diameter x 27.1 cm height
  • The mischievous LEGO boy storage head is only available in size L


LEGO storage head

  • x1 LEGO storage head (choice of model and size)
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