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Padlock Noké Connected Lock

connected lock in hardened steel

Combining technology, simplicity and design, the Noké Padlock lock has a connected lock. This revolutionary hardened steel padlock is equipped with the latest technology. It is designed to simply and effectively protect your objects such as your bike, your luggage, a gate or a locker.

By installing the application on your smartphone, you can have full control over the opening and closing of this Padlock connected lock without the need for a key.

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Site Reference : RA_TIL221
Manufacturer Reference : NK-FNAPS

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Lock connected Padlock by Noké

The Noké Padlock is a connected object designed to make your life easier and guarantee the safety of your objects on a daily basis. It has been designed with an elegant design: soft surfaces, smooth and bevelled edges which gives it great discretion and practicality. No need for a key, just install an application for the padlock padlock on your phone and configure it as you wish.

The padlock automatically connects via Bluetooth without you having to take your smartphone out with a possibility of use at any time and anywhere. The application's history and geolocation tab will allow you to track all the activities of your Noké padlock: when it was opened, who has used it recently, where it has been used, etc.


cadenas connecté Noké


It has been created to be usable by everyone and in all weather conditions. Being made of hardened stainless steel, it can withstand extreme temperatures from -23°C to +65°C. The sensor buttons and padlock battery are integrated and protected with a silicone shell, preventing rainwater from damaging the electronics.

Very resistant over time and equipped with the latest anti-attack technology, it will protect all your belongings in the event of attempted theft.

Strengths of the Noké connected padlock

  • Lock connected
  • Management of several padlocks through a single application
  • Possibility to transmit access to other users
  • History of use of the connected padlock
  • Rain resistance
  • Made of hardened steel to resist theft
  • Jump Start function and Quick-Click function​

Compatibility with any smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

Dimensions: 54.75 x 83.8


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