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Pixio Abstract Sweet Construction

Magnetic building set in blocks

Discover the Pixio magnetic building set and its Sweet Abstract set. All other PIXIO magnetic block sets are fully compatible with only one block size (0.3 inch square cube). You can build to any scale with the 16 colors and appropriate block sizes. With PIXIO, you can immerse yourself in a creative, playful world of unlimited possibilities!

PIXIO blocks can be connected in any order and in any direction. Each PIXIO block has magnets that, when linked, seem to come alive in your hands. Pixio's Sweet Abstract collection includes 60 magnetic blocks in pastel colors.

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Site Reference : RA_MAZ007
Manufacturer Reference : 20209

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Pxio Sweet Abstract: magnetic construction set

  • Includes 60 MAGNETIC BLOCKS with a touch of whimsy. The candy store display-like colors of this Pixio set can be used to create anything you want. All other PIXIO building block sets are fully compatible.
  • THREE COLORS INCLUDED: Yellow, pink and turquoise complement each other like a rainbow for colorful, whimsical creations.
  • PIXIO MAGNETIC BLOCKS CONNECT IN ANY ORDER: Each PIXIO magnetic block is a 0.3 inch square cube that weighs less than 1g and contains 6 magnets. There are no wrong ways to build thanks to the clever design and magnetism. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • PIXIO INTERACTIVE APP: The PIXIO magnetic block set includes a free promo code that gives access to exclusive app content. To explore over 1000 concepts, download the app.
  • PIXIO IS A CERTIFIED PRODUCT: It was created in Europe and meets CE and ASTM safety requirements for toys. Children can use this sensory toy to improve their creativity, spatial reasoning, critical thinking and planning skills. This construction set is a great aid to fine motor skills development.


Pixio Sweet Abstract


  • 60 magnetic building blocks
  • 1 manual
  • Access to the mobile application for building ideas
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