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RC car 360 Cross Exost (Random Color)

Remote-Controlled Car

Exost's 360 Cross remote controlled car is available in 3 colours: yellow, green or red. With its futuristic look and large wheels that can handle any impact, it is ready for crazy races and stunts that are sure to amuse all children. This new Exost car can be driven on both sides, allowing it not to stop running when it turns around. With a range of 15 metres and a top speed of 15 km/h, launch your 360 Cross at full speed indoors and outdoors.

The color of the product is random.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL067
Manufacturer Reference : 20257

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Drive the Exost 360 Cross on both sides

There is nothing more annoying than a remote-controlled car that hits an obstacle, turns around and has to be put back in place to get it moving again. A problem you won't have with the Exost 360 Cross because its large wheels that extend upwards and downwards over its hull allow it to be driven on both sides. She will be able to easily hit an obstacle, turn around and continue running at high speed. You can continue to control it remotely with the 15-meter range of its remote control.


Car exost 360 Cross


Don't doubt the speed of this new car, which can reach 12 km/h. A fast top speed and above all an acceleration that will allow your children to start a race in a fraction of a second. The 360 Cross is available in 3 fashy colours and changes colour depending on the face on which it is driven: white on top and black on the bottom. Thanks to its large wheels, this radio-controlled car will be able to adapt to all types of terrain such as gravel, paving stones, grass, soil, pebbles or others. Its remote control will allow you to control it as if you were driving and turn it around many times before slipping and reaching its top speed in no time.


The 360 Cross car will require one "9V" battery for the remote control and 4 "AA" batteries for the car, not included in the box, to operate. You will find below the important features to know for this Exost car:

  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximum speed of 12 Km/h
  • Remote control range of 15 meters
  • Recommended for children over 5 years old

The Cross 360 is available in 3 colours: green, red and yellow at random in your order.

Exost 360 Cross Remote Control Car Video

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