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Robot OP One Ycoo

Programmable Toy Robot

Discover the latest generation OP One toy robot. It can be remotely controlled, has arms and a motorized head or a "Spy" function to record what is being said and record the conversation on its remote control. Other game features make the OP One toy robot an autonomous and interactive high-tech robot with which children can have fun and play secret agents !

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Site Reference : RA_SIL054
Manufacturer Reference : 88550

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OP One, the spy robot

The OP One robot is a novelty that has quickly made its way into children's toys and we understand why. This robot 2.0 is remote controlled and fully motorized: it can move in all directions thanks to the 8 motors that compose it. Motors that allow him to reproduce ultra real movements with his arms, his head or the base of his body. Children will be able to control the direction of the OP One robot but also the movement of its arms and head remotely using its remote control.

OP 1, OP One programmable toy robot


Parents only have to be careful since the OP One toy robot offers a "Spy" function that children will not be deprived of using. This small robot can be remotely controlled up to a room, record the people who speak there and transcribe this conversation to the pilot via his remote control without even having to return. An interactive and fun feature that will keep kids busy with their new toy. The O.P 1 robot also offers 5 demonstration modes that allow it to move on its own, which your children will have the pleasure of discovering for themselves. 

In addition to these 5 demonstration modes, children can program different routes via the remote control that the robot will record and reproduce. In terms of design, OP One has a futuristic, sleek white look, bright LED eyes and sound effects that will undoubtedly amuse all children.


In summary, the toy robot OP 1 (One) is:

  • A remote-controlled and fully motorized robot thanks to its 8 motors, which can be directed in all directions.
  • Arms and head also motorized and can be controlled remotely.
  • A spy function: he hears everything that is said around him and transmits it live on the remote control. It can also broadcast messages.
  • 5 different demo modes where the robot will move by itself.
  • Sound and light effects (LED eyes) and a remote control included.
  • 6 "AA" batteries not included for the robot and 3 "AA" batteries not included for the remote control

Robot OP One video

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