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Saving Penguin Silverlit

Saving penguin Silverlit random colour

Get ready to meet a friend like no other with Saving Penguin! These adorable 20 cm penguins, available in pink and blue, are ready to brighten up your life with their glowing hearts and sound effects. Whether you're cleaning, dressing or feeding them, these penguins react with colourful emotions. Find out below why Saving Penguin are the perfect gift for children and animal lovers.

Assortment of two 20cm pink and blue penguins: the colour you receive when you order is random.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL162
Manufacturer Reference : 88650

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34,99 € 28,49 €

Saving penguin by Silverlit

Saving Penguins are more than just toys; they're interactive companions that respond to your care and love. With their charming design and unique features, they're ready to captivate hearts of all ages.

Please note: the colour is randomly selected between pink and blue when you place your order.

Saving penguin by Silverlit

  • Magical interactivity: The penguin's heart lights up in different colours according to his emotions, providing a truly magical experience.
  • Included Accessories: Each penguin comes with a magic towel, hat and scarf so you can look after him just as you should.
  • Sound and Light Effects: Sound and light effects add an extra dimension of engagement and fun.
  • Two Lovely Colours: Available in pink or blue, these penguins are perfect for all tastes. The colour is randomised when ordering, adding an exciting surprise.
  • Perfect Size: Measuring 20cm, these penguins are the perfect size for cuddles and interactive play.
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