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Scooba Liquid and Cleaning Solution


The Scooba Cleaning Solution is specially dedicated to the robot cleaner Scooba. The iRobot cleaning solution is pretty efficient for your floors and is no danger for you or your pet companion.

Your robot loves it! Created with natural products, it easily removes incrusted dirt while taking care of your floor. This cleaning product is as well safe for the environment. Again it is no danger for your animals.


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Site Reference : RA_IRO006
Manufacturer Reference : 5963

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The composition made of vegetal enzymes transforming grease, food particles, moisture and dust into oxygen, carbon and other natural elements allows a safe cleaning and respects the environment and your floors. All bacteria are removed. This cleaning solution is affordable and highly concentrated. One bottle is the equivalent of 64 doses! The cleaning solution for Scooba is ideal to clean and freshen all hard floors such as stone floors, linoleum, some wooden ground. It is not recommended for “non-treated” grounds such as m arble ones or laminated grounds.

User Manual

Put a dose in the water container of your scooba. One dose per use is enough.

  • 473 ml Bottle (64 doses).
  • Composition : water, mixed enzymes from plants, coprah oil, orange perfume.
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