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Virtual Wall Auto For Roomba

Vacuum Cleaning Robot accessories

You can be sure of one thing, the Roomba is an heavy worker! And when you trust it to clean your house, you are more than happy and seduced by its efficiency.

But what can you do if it goes in areas that are not supposed to be cleaned? Don’t you want it to enter your workplace or it to invade your space when you have guests?

You sure would like as well your cat not to be annoyed while he is quietly sleeping ? 

The new Auto Virtual Wall® uses an infrared beam, preset for 1 to 3 metres, to block Roomba® from doorways and other off-limit areas. And you never have to remember to turn it on or off! 

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Site Reference : RA_IRO008
Manufacturer Reference : 88701

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Stop chair barriers, closed doors and other obstacles which can of course be efficient but which take precious space home and which can significantly reduce the move efficiency of your robot. To show your Roomba who’s the Boss, nothing compares to those virtual walls!

An infrared ray is issued by each wall (up to 3 meters) and you Roomba will simply not cross it. Having this useful tool is a really safe solution to leave your Roomba autonomous. You do not have to worry about closing doors Your Roomba can now be efficient on large floor areas.


  • Issues an adjustable infrared ray (up to 3 meters) the Roomba cannot cross.
  • This invisible wall can block doors and other potential areas to protect.


  • 1 virtual wall for ROOMBA 500/600/700 series (requires 2 LR20(D) batteries), non-included.
  • User Manual.
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