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If your children have been taken by the madness of the Pokémon then they have certainly followed the latest trend of the Bakugan, which is the latest fashionable cartoon and toy trend of this year at school. 

This Japanese cartoon takes your children on a journey of discovery through a group of friends who each own their own Bakugan, creatures straight from the imagination of their creators, and thanks to whom they will be able to save the world of Vestoria. These imaginary creatures each have their own particularity and specificities, which is why you will find many different models on Robot-Advance.

It is the Spin Master toy specialist who is in charge of creating the creation of Bakugan Battle Brawler toys: balls that contain the Bakugan and open when you throw them, beloved cards with their own specificities, a battle arena to face his friends or even storage cases to take your Bakugan everywhere with you !

Bakugan Starter Pack

Bakugan Toys
22,99 € 14,99 €

Bakugan Fighting Arena

Bakugan Toys
29,99 € 20,99 €

Bakugan Ultra Pack 1

Bakugan Ultra: random model
11,99 € 8,99 €

Bakugan Deka Pack 1

Bakugan Toys
19,99 € 13,99 €
Baku-Gear Box Season 2 Bakugan

Baku-Gear Box Season 2 Bakugan

Baku-Gear Season 2 Bakugan
39,99 €
Bakugan Saison 2 Pack 1 Deka

Bakugan Deka Pack 1 Season 2

Pack 1 Deka Bakugan Season 2
19,99 €

Bakugan Dragonoid Maximus

Bakugan Toy
59,99 € 44,99 €
Bakugan Starter Pack Saison 2

Bakugan Starter Pack Season 2

Starter pack Season 2
22,99 €
Bakugan Fighting Arena Season 2

Bakugan Fighting Arena Season 2

Bakugan Fighting Arena Season 2
24,99 €

Bakugan Battle Pack

Bakugan Toys
39,99 € 19,99 €
Bakugan Pack 1 (Random model)

Bakugan Pack 1 (Random model)

Bakugan Pack 1 (Random model): 16 Available
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