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Bunchems are recommended toys from 4 years old, in different packs and colours. These are small pimpled balls that simply snap together and allow children to work on their creativity. 

Each Bunchems pack offers different accessories that will clip onto the creations to create men, animals, vehicles, monuments and many other fun things. Among these accessories, you will not find glasses, eyes, hats or antennas.

This new toy, which has made a smashing entrance into homes around the world, is infinitely reusable, which is a major factor in its success. Bunchems are easy to use, constructions can be made and undone endlessly and when you are finished playing, you just have to put them in the small storage boxes provided for that purpose. 

Bunchems have another advantage: you can take them with you and use them anywhere, whether at home, in the car, with friends or on holiday. Something to keep children busy wherever they are. This new toy will allow children to imagine, create and share without any limits.

On Robot Advance, you can find the two main Bunchems packs:

  • The Bunchems suitcase
  • The Mega Pack Bunchems​
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