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Hatchimals collectible animals will melt you and are already the talk of your children. More than 80 different animal figurines, magical, of all colours and delivered in eggs that you will have to take good care of. These eggs are stamped with a heart that you will have to caress to warm it up and make it hatch! What Hatchimals eggs contain, no one knows, is the beauty of this toy. You will only be sure of this when the egg has hatched, finally revealing the figure that occupies it.


Let yourself be drawn into this wonderful world and collect the different families from completely different worlds such as the sea, the savannah, the North Pole, the farm or the forest. Also collect different accessories from a particular world to create your own world and open up the field of possibilities with your Hatchimals. Find on Robot Advance the Hatchimals toys and accessories from the aquatic world:


  • A box of 12 Hatchimals eggs to complete your collection
  • The Hatchimals Slide
  • The Fleur hatchimals shower
  • Coral Hatchimals Castle
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