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Connected light bulb and lamp

For several years we have witnessed the rise of connected objects. All these objects that facilitate your daily life because they are remotely controllable or allow you to track your performance from your smartphone.
It is in this sense and to simplify your life that the brand Holi, created in Lyon in 2013, was the first to offer you connected lights that you can discover on our website Robot Advance.

The connected lightbulb Holi Sleep Companion has been developed on the basis of scientist researches that allow it to improve your sleeping thanks to the projection of a color that promotes the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Its application for Smartphone SLEEP360 will allow you to follow the activity of your sleep but also to use the reading or relaxation mode to realize sophrology exercises that will help you to sleep better. Better sleep also depends on the advice on diet or sport that the application will provide.

 The Holi connected smart Lampe injected aluminum is essential to create all kinds of atmospheres by combining light with music: 50 lighting effects to preprogram, choice of the colors, durations of display, gentle awakening with the display of a light that will gradually bring you to the natural daily light.

An object that you absolutely need and that will help you to feel better at home.  


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