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Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand by Spin Master is like the sand of a seaside beach! It doesn't dry, it always sticks well and you can make sandcastles out of it in any weather. 

Kinetic Sand consists of 98% pure sand, the remaining 2% is a non-toxic polymer that gives the material its plasticity. The secret of mass movement is a patented technology derived from the component that binds the sand. 

Kinetic Sand doesn't get dirty, doesn't leave any marks. Even if the sand falls to the ground, just pick it up with a larger ball of sand as you would with play dough. From now on, you can build sand constructions all year at home.

Kinetic Sand 10 Color Refill

Pack of 10 colors Kinetic Sand 1,27Kg
24,99 € 22,49 €

Sandisfying Set Kinetic Sand

900g Kinetic Sand and 10 moulds to create
24,99 € 22,49 €

Kinetic Sand Castle Set

Sandbox Castle 454g Kinetic Sand
19,99 € 17,99 €

Kinetic Sand Case 900g Sand

Kinetic Sand by Spin Master
29,99 € 26,99 €
Kinetic Sand refill 900g

Kinetic Sand Refill 900g

Random color: purple, blue or green
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