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Mattel is one of the most recognised toy brands in the world, for decades they have built a loyal following of consumers with their quality and entertainment. With toys for all ages, including Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels toys and classic board games, Mattel has something for everyone.

Barbie dolls are probably the most famous of all Mattel toys, having accompanied generations of little girls into their world of dreams and imagination. With a variety of designs, clothes and accessories, Barbie dolls can come to life in the hands of children to become a nurse, a princess or even an astronaut.

Hot Wheels toys are also very popular, winning over boys and girls with their speed, design and driving feel. Hot Wheels circuits allow for exciting races and the building of fantasy worlds, and can also be used to develop coordination and skill.

Finally, classic Mattel board games are also a popular choice for spending time with family and friends. Classics such as Uno, Pictionary and Skip-Bo provide fun while developing thinking and strategy.

Yoda the child plush Star Wars The Mandalorian

Yoda the child plush Star Wars The Mandalorian

Yoda the child plush Star Wars The Mandalorian 28cm
59,95 €
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