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Hulls can be useful, clever or decorative. Njord by ELEMENTS products cover all these bases with a sustainable, creative and comprehensive design approach that uses only natural materials. From start to finish, natural quality and precision. The design of the cases represents the minimalist sophistication of the Nordic aesthetic, seductive in its simplicity and ageless in its style, with a sense of extreme precision in the care taken at every stage of production.

These Njord iPhone cases are made from the highest quality Icelandic salmon leather. The salmon leathers are made from skins from the fish farming industry, so no salmon is murdered for its skin. The tannery in Sauárkrókur, Iceland, symbolizes the brand's DNA and uses Iceland's most precious resources: renewable hydroelectric and geothermal energy.

This beautiful leather is made in a way that has no negative impact on the environment.

Cases iPhone 13 Pro Max Magsafe Njord

Salmon leather cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max
59,95 € 46,95 €

Cases iPhone 13 Pro Magsafe Njord Vatn

Salmon leather case for iPhone 13 Pro
59,95 € 46,95 €

Leather cases iPhone 13 Magsafe Njord

Salmon leather cases for iPhone 13
59,95 € 24,95 €
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