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Since its inception, Noerden has been at the forefront of integrating technology and lifestyle. Offering innovative products that challenge the boundaries between wearable technology and homewares, Noerden combines functionality and aesthetics to create a range of products that enhance everyday life.


Discover the Noerden range and explore a world where technology meets lifestyle. Their products, combining contemporary design and cutting-edge technology, are designed to simplify your everyday life. You can find the Noerden range on our e-commerce site, where every purchase is a promise of quality and innovation. With Noerden, adopt a modern technological lifestyle.

Liz smart bottle sterilisation Noerden

Liz Smart Bottle Noerden

UV sterilisation, 480ml capacity and thermos keeping
69,90 €
Minimi Noerden connected mini scale

Minimi Noerden Connected Mini Scale

Minimi Noerden connected mini scale
59,90 €
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