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The pi-top [4] is at the heart of a broader product ecosystem. pi-top is working on a series of new project kits designed to expand the user's creative experience, starting with the pi-top Robotics Kit for more advanced projects. There is also a line of specially designed pi-top accessories[4], including a Full HD touchscreen, Bluetooth® keyboard and pi-top protective case[4].

Designed to be both powerful and versatile, the pi-top [4] DIY Edition features a 5-hour internal battery, built-in heatsink and fan, power management system, mini OLED display and programmable buttons, built-in 1W speaker, and full access to a Raspberry Pi's ports and GPIOs.

pi-top 4 DIY Edition

pi-top 4 DIY Edition

Create your projects on Raspberry Pi
109,95 €
pi-top 4 sensor Foundation kit

pi-top 4 Sensor Foundation Kit

Sensors for pi-top [4]
89,95 €
11.8-inch pi-top 4 touchscreen

11.8-inch pi-top 4 Touchscreen

11.8-inch pi-top 4 touchscreen
209,95 €
pi-top 4 Bluetooth keyboard

pi-top 4 Bluetooth Keyboard

A large wireless pi-top [4] keyboard
49,95 €
Expansion plate for the pi-top 4 robotic kit

Expansion Plate For The pi-top 4 Robotic Kit

Accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer pi-top [4]
44,95 €
Pi-top 4 protective case

Pi-top 4 Protective Case

Pi-top 4 protective case
16,95 €
Pi-Top 4 robotic kit

pi-Top 4 Robotic Kit

Robotic kit without Expansion Plate
219,95 €
pi-top 4 Complete Edition

pi-top 4 Complete Edition

pi-top [4] with Raspberry Pi pre-installed
279,90 €
pi-top 4 Robotic kit

pi-top 4 Robotic Kit

Robotics Kit + Expansion plate
374,85 €
pi-top 4 Accessory Bundle

pi-top 4 Accessory Bundle

pi-top [4] PSU, display cables, SD card
49,95 €
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