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Recording everything that happens during your travels for safety reasons or sharing highlights with an entire community has become a common practice for 21st century motorists. To do this, it is preferable to equip yourself with equipment with a high recording capacity and unquestionable video quality.

It is in this sector that the RoadEyes brand has specialized and it is to make life easier for these new motorists that Robot Advance offers two products that will quickly become essential:

  • RoadEyes' RecSMART smart camera will allow you to record and share all your trips. It is easily attached to the front of your vehicle and will allow you to record or broadcast videos in high definition in real time: 2K resolution, 4M pixels, Wifi connection, integrated 8GB SD card, integrated GPS, 140° wide angle camera or automatic activation of the camera in case of an impact on your vehicle.
  • Once connected to your phone, the connected RoadEyes keychain will be very useful to you thanks to various very useful functions: alert in case your phone or keys are forgotten somewhere, GPS function to know exactly where your vehicle is or even order to take pictures with your phone directly from your key ring.
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