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Tech Deck

Tech Deck

Tech Deck skateboards are designed in the same way as traditional skateboards, with the wheels screwed to the trucks and the trucks screwed to the board to which the grip is glued. There are ready-made versions, but you can also buy boxes containing a variety of parts and components to build your own custom skateboard.

Some of the skateboards in the Tech Deck sets are very rare, such as the gold ones, which are sold in small quantities and distributed in the boxes that will be delivered to you randomly. It is important to note that the small assembly tools are similar to the real ones and are perfectly suited for assembling the boards.

You will quickly get into the game of collecting these fingerboards, especially because of their low cost.


Fingerskate Tech Deck Pack Of 4 Skates

Pack of 4 skates for the Fingerboard
15,99 € 12,69 €

Pack Versus 2 Finger Skate Tech Deck

Pack Tech Deck Skateboard miniature Random Pack
12,99 € 11,69 €

X-Connect Starter Set Tech Deck

Modular skatepark for fingerboard
19,99 € 17,99 €

Pack 10 Finger Skates DLX Pro Pack Tech Deck

10 finger skates Tech Deck already assembled
34,99 € 31,49 €

Mega Half Pipe Danny Way Tech Deck

Mega modular fingerboard ramp Tech Deck
39,99 € 35,99 €

Motorized Ramp Shredline Fingerboard Tech Deck

shredline 360 Tech Deck motorized ramp
49,99 € 44,99 €

Skate Shop Bonus Pack Tech Deck

Pack of 6 finger skates of 96mm to customize
22,99 € 18,29 €
Build a Park Tech Deck Fingerskate 6055721

Build A Park World Tour Tech Deck Fingerskate 6055721

Authentic Skatepark To Create + 1 Mini Skate Board
Transformable Ramp Pipeline Tech Deck

Transformable Ramp Pipeline Tech Deck

Authentic Modular Skatepark + 1 Mini Skate Board
Skatepark Nyjah Huston Tech Deck

Skatepark Nyjah Huston Tech Deck

Nyjah Huston Skatepark for the Tech Deck fingerboard
Pack 1 Finger Skate Performance Series Tech Deck

Pack 1 Finger Skate Performance Series Tech Deck

Wooden Skateboard Tech Deck Random Model
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