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New And Fun: the new educational robots!

Discover the world of Tinkerbots educational robots: new models, competitions, crazy ideas and much more...

What is Tinkerbots?

Tinkerbots is an educational game solution that allows you to create your own robots, bring them to life by programming movements or controlling them remotely with the Tinkerbots App.
Thanks to these educational robots, young and old have found an excellent way to discover modern robotic technology: the dynamics of energy, mechanics and sensory to tame through different kits usable from 6 or 9 years old. 

Construction Kits 

Tinkerbots kits are modular building assemblies made in Germany that can be combined with each other to extend the constructions. 
Motion modules, intelligent sensors, adapters and other cubes to fit together most easily in the world for interactive robotic constructions: bluetooth, Li-Ion battery, LED interface, USB charger, Gyro sensor... All compatible with your other Lego bricks!

Discover all the Tinkerbots robot kits:

  • Tinkerbots Wheeler Set
  • Tinkerbots Advanced Builder Set
  • Tinkerbots Sensoric Mega Set

Control Your Robots 

With Tinkerbots, you can not only create your own robots, but you can also teach them to move, control them remotely via your smartphone and tablet and program them with Arduino.

Downloads and Updates

Trouvez plus d'instructions sur la façon de construire de nouveaux modèles. Mettez à jour vos modules : Download

Configuration requise pour l'App Tinkerbots :

- Android 5.0+ ou iOS 7+
- Bluetooth 4.0

System requirements for the Tinkerbots App
- Android 5.0+ or iOS 7+
- Bluetooth 4.0

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