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Airblock Makeblock

Modular and programmable DIY kit

A drone toy is not new, but if you need to build, to pilot and to code a flying drone, it’s rather a surprise and a challenge.

Makeblock launched in 2017 its new construction kit: Airblock, a kit offers a small programmable and modular drone.

Airblock initially targets young children from the age of 8, with the aim of teaching the principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Build your dreams with Airblock, turn the drone into a hovercraft or a motorcycle, and program the great circuits and actions!

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Site Reference : RA_TEC010
Manufacturer Reference : 270186

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Airblock, winner of the Red Dot 2017 Award in Product Design

Red Dot Award is considered Oscar in the field of industrial design.

Airblock wins the Red Dot 2017 Excellence Award for innovation, quality, functionality and compatibility.

It’s evaluated the best product of the year in the category of “drones and action cameras”.

A drone that turns into a hovercraft?

Airblock is a DIY kit, it makes a flying drone.

The user participates in the construction of the drone, the programming of the flight with different levels and also the piloting, via smartphone or tablet thanks to the Bluetooth connection.

Airblock is designed by default for a drone, but it offers the possibility to transform this drone into a hovercraft by simple assembly in just few minutes, this remote-controlled hovercraft can roll in water!

How does Airblock work? 

Airblock has 6 modules in the hexagonal shape and a central part on which the six modules are fixed.

These modules are equipped with pales; it is possible to place the blades vertically or horizontally.

To put in vertical, we can transform the kit into flying drone; whereas in horizontal, we can make a hovercraft since this position advances the device.

Thanks to a magnetic system, the modules can be fixed very easily. Since Airblock is designed to operate in the air or on the ground, those pieces are highly resistant.

In the event of a crash, they detach without damage, they can be reassembled with ease.

Airblock is indeed reserved for amateurs and makers of new technology.

Makeblock provides an intuitive interface for novices in computer programming, so players of any level can program and code Airblock creations by themselves.

By connecting the Airblock application, you can program some specific actions, such as looping, high speed drift, backtracking, etc...

In programming mode, you can even control the strength of each blade by applying aerodynamics and physics.

Moreover, Airblock is also compatible with the standard bricks like Lego, to move the small constructions is not a dream!

Airblock is therefore a creative, powerful and simplified kit, in terms of toy robot and connected object.

  • 1 control core
  • 6 blade modules 
  • 6 spare blades
  • 10 blade shields 
  • 1 hovercraft base
  • 1 charger
  • 1 Li-Battery
  • 1 USB cable
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