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Chimpy Toy Robot Ycoo (Random Color)

Monkey Robot For Children

Chimpy is a new crazy toy robot that will entertain your children a lot. It is equipped with many sensors everywhere that will generate various fun reactions in him. This little monkey will quickly become your children's best pet. Inseparable, Chimpy and your children will experience real moments of complicity over time. Discover everything you need to know about Chimpy, the cute but a little crazy monkey!

The color ordered is random. Send us an e-mail to after your order to send us the desired colour. We will do our best to respect these preferences.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL060
Manufacturer Reference : 88564

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Chimpy, the cute, crazy monkey robot

Don't let yourself look any different from her calm and kind appearance, it's not so. The monkey robot Chimpy, a new Ycoo novelty, is certainly cute but also a little crazy. This toy robot is not remote controlled but your children will be able to control it thanks to the three sensors it has everywhere:

  • Touch his ear to move him forward
  • Touch both his ears and he'll start dancing all over the place
  • Touch his belly to calm him down, but be careful, he might fart!

Robot toy Chimpy

Chimpy has articulated arms to take different poses. His arms are long and imposing, which allows him to move like a real monkey. An ideal pet, less constraining but just as fun. All your children's favourite cartoons have a monkey character they love, they can now also have a monkey friend Chimpy at home. When he talks, his mouth starts to move: the monkey Chimpy offers fun sound effects for the whole family to discover.

The Chimpy monkey robot is available in 4 colors that can be randomly controlled on Robot Advance. Because the happiness of your children is very important, you can contact us directly after your order to let us know the color you want to receive. Depending on available stocks, we will be happy to respect these preferences and send you the color you want.

The available Chimpy colors are: 

  • The red one
  • The blue one
  • The yellow one
  • The white one

The Chimpy monkey is recommended for children from 3 years old and requires 3 "AAA" batteries not included to operate.

Video of the Chimpy robot

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