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Robosaurus Toy Robot Ycoo

Remote-Controlled Dinosaur Robot

The Robosaurus is an interactive, fun and remote-controlled toy robot that will become one of the best pets despite its dinosaur appearance. Your child can control it remotely, make it change its mood or activate the "Follow me" function: the dinosaur robot will follow it wherever it goes. A fun toy indoors and outdoors, that will entertain your children and even scare them when their eyes turn from green to red !

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Site Reference : RA_SIL063
Manufacturer Reference : 87155

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Robosaurus, the gentle AND evil dinosaur robot

This is one of the funny points of this new dinosaur toy robot by Ycoo: it can change mood and switch from nice mode when its eyes are green to mean when they turn red. But that's normal, he protects his territory and will start grumbling or even attacking in mean mode. Don't worry, this dinosaur robot is first and foremost a great companion and all you have to do is stroke the tip of your nose to make your eyes turn green again and your robot finally calm down.



Robosaurus remot-controlled toy robot


The robosaurus is also a remote-controlled robot. With this 2.4Ghz remote control, your child will be able to direct the dinosaur forward, backward, right or left. The robosaurus has two positions standing or sitting and produces sound effects depending on its mood: it growls and runs out of breath after its attacks and does not leave it in a corner for too long, it could get bored and start snoring or even become mean again!

This high-tech toy robot also features a small sensor that children can keep close to them and that will allow the Robosaurus to follow them wherever they go. An original feature, which is out of the ordinary and will never cease to amuse children when they walk around the house or outdoors with a dinosaur behind them.

The Robosaurus is recommended for children from 5 years old, has a rechargeable battery by USB cable and will need 3 "AA" batteries not included to operate.

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