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Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

Circuit Scribe Kit
Electroninks (Circuit Scribe)

The Circuit Scrive Basic kit is a complete kit for beginners in electronics. This is the starter kit that will allow you to manufacture and design a complete electronic circuit.

Explore all circuit concepts, conductivity and create different types of flashing circuits with the supplied components and your drawings in a fun way!

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Site Reference : RA_ELE002
Manufacturer Reference : CS-KIT-M-BASIC

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What is the Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

At the heart of this educational kit is the Circuit Scribe pen with conductive ink that allows you to draw circuits with nothing more than a sheet of paper. Additional modules such as LEDs, resistors and other magnetic components are added to the Basic Circuit Scribe Kit so that you can let your imagination run free.

Do you like electronics or simply want to explore its possibilities? Then this starter kit is for you! This more than complete kit will allow you to realize many creations and to familiarize yourself with electronics. This Basic kit comes with a notebook from the inventor that contains a startup presentation of the kit and 8 pages of circuit drawings to make yourself to start.



Scribe Basic Kit Circuit: content

The basic Scribe Circuit kit contains:

Electronical components

  • 1 9V battery and battery adapter 9V
  • 2 LEDS 
  • Switch
  • Flashing light
  • Dimmer

Other components

  • Electrically conductive ink pen
  • Stencil Circuit 
  • Sheet of stickers
  • magnetic steel surface


Finally, you can use the basic kit with Makey-Makey kits to expand the possibilities.

The product can be used from 8 years old



  • 1 9V battery
  • 1 Battery adapter 9V
  • 2 LEDS 
  • 1 Switch
  • 1 Flashing light
  • 1 Dimmer
  • 1 Electrically conductive ink pen
  • 1 Stencil Circuit 
  • 1 Sheet of stickers
  • 1 magnetic steel surface


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