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Makey Makey

MaKey MaKey is an innovative brand that offers different kits that allow everyone to transform anything that can conduct a small amount of electricity into a touchpad that can be connected to a computer or any other electrical device (lamp, mixer, etc.). Designed for ages 8 and up, it is a starting point for learning to use electronics and to use everyone's imagination.


makey makey educative kits for school


The Makey Makey Makey community is very important and shares new detailed projects every day that you can then set up for yourself or in your classes. Creative, fun and unusual projects that tackle new ways of learning that are much more fun than usual. The Makey Makey kits available on Robot Advance suggest start-up projects that are user-friendly, attractive and easy for children, such as the creation of a photo booth, a banana piano or a human synthesizer. It is possible to go much further and you will find thousands of fun projects shared by the Makey Makey community.


MaKey MaKey works via USB, so no additional software is required. The kits work on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Programming knowledge is not necessary to use it, although MaKey MaKey can also be used as an Arduino to build more interactive prototypes, as well as reprogrammed using the Arduino environment. 


MaKey MaKey is also reusable and easy to share. It is therefore not necessary to have one per student and the kits encourage group work. MaKey MaKey MaKey electronic kits offer many inventive possibilities to encourage creative thinking and offer practical learning experiences for computer concepts. The kits are extremely easy to use.


MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for everyone !

Makey Makey Classic E-COMM Version

Makey Makey Classic E-COMM Version

Give life to everyday objects
54,99 € 49,99 €
Makey Makey STEM Classroom Pack

Makey Makey STEM Classroom Pack

Educative kit for school
849,99 €
Makey Makey (Large Box)

Makey Makey (Large Box)

Connect the world around you to your computer!
GameBender Makey Makey Educational Kit

GameBender Makey Makey Educational Kit

Innovative and educational kit around video games
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