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Code&Drive Ebotics Programmable Car

Car to be created and programmed

Create your own robot car from scratch. With the Code&Drive package, you can learn about programming and electronics by assembling and programming a remote-controlled vehicle. Learn how to create a robot car and control its various electronic components while working on a variety of intermediate level projects.

The Code&Drive Ebotics pack contains screws, bolts, sensors, LEDs, buttons, motors, wheels and everything else needed to create your own programmable car.

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Site Reference : RA_TRX096
Manufacturer Reference : ROB-BXCAR01

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69,90 €

Car to create and program : Code&Drive from Ebotics

A complete kit that allows you to build your robot car from start to finish? With the Code&Drive programmable robot car kit from eBotics, you can take a deep dive into the world of electronics and programming. Develop a variety of projects ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, and have fun learning how to create a robot car and manage its electronic components.

The Code&Drive Robot Car Kit is a fun and easy way to learn about programming. This robot has an educational function and is suitable for people who want to learn more about robotics. Therefore, it can be used as a learning aid both at home and in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) classes.

When handled correctly, technology is not so intimidating. Many Code&Drive operations, also known as companies, are available here. They are designed to show you how to master all the tools at your disposal. You can program your car to automatically follow a path, make a sound when it detects an obstacle, or turn on its LEDs according to the ambient light.

Code and Drive Ebotics

Ebotics Code&Drive : online resources and compatibility

The Build&Code 4in1 card is free to use and modify. Therefore, there are several free manuals and exercises available on the Internet. The eBotics group has put these resources online to help you get the most out of your electronics.

Thus, you can become your own designer and configure the robot car kit to your liking. Expand the programming possibilities of Code&Drive by adding sensors and actuators compatible with the Build&Code 4in1 board.

The Build&Code 4in1 board, which is compatible with the most popular educational robotics software, such as Arduino, Bitbloq and other compatible visual block programming software, powers the Code&Drive robot car package. Any project created on these platforms can be downloaded and used with the Code&Drive package.

In addition, you will be able to control the Code&Drive as if it were a remote control car or build your own application using the Bluetooth module of the Build&Code 4 in1 board.

Technical characteristics of the Ebotics programmable car

  • Dimensions: 68 x 53 mm
  • Weight : 25 g
  • Programmable with Arduino IDE, Bitbloq and other visual block programming software
  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux
  • 12 digital I/O pins
  • 7 digital I/O pins PWM
  • 6 analog output pins
  • DC current per I/O pin: 20 mA
  • Clock frequency: 16 MHz
  • Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
  • Direct connection to DC motors
  • 4in1 Build&Code board (ATmega328P microcontroller)
  • Operating voltage: 5 V
  • Input voltage (recommended): 7-12 V
  • Input voltage (limit): 6-20 V

Contents of the Code&Drive package

  • 1 Build&Code 4in1
  • 40 screws M3 x 16
  • 6 screws M3 x 30
  • 30 M3 bolts
  • 26 nylon spacers M3 x 3
  • 10 metal hexagonal spacers female - female M3 x 25
  • 1 holder for 6 AA batteries
  • 1 M3 Allen key
  • 2 analog light sensors
  • 2 line tracking sensors
  • 1 blue LED
  • 1 green LED
  • 1 buzzer
  • 1 button
  • 1 ultrasonic sensor
  • 1 support for the ultrasonic sensor
  • 2 DC motors
  • 2 wheels
  • 1 wheel


  • 1 Build&Code 4in1
  • 40 screws M3 x 16
  • 6 screws M3 x 30
  • 30 M3 bolts
  • 26 nylon spacers M3 x 3
  • 10 metal hexagonal spacers female - female M3 x 25
  • 1 holder for 6 AA batteries
  • 1 M3 Allen key
  • 2 analog light sensors
  • 2 line tracking sensors
  • 1 blue LED
  • 1 green LED
  • 1 buzzer
  • 1 button
  • 1 ultrasonic sensor
  • 1 support for the ultrasonic sensor
  • 2 DC motors
  • 2 wheels
  • 1 wheel
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