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Ebotics is a collection of educational robotics kits and content designed to make programming and robotics more accessible and enjoyable to understand. 

The Ebotics collection includes a variety of programmable educational robotics kits for use in STEAM education and adapted to major European educational systems.

From basic linking of conductive objects to complex robotics and home automation programs, each Ebotics kit has been specifically designed for each stage of the learning process.

The kits are available for children, youth and adults, depending on their level of robotics and programming knowledge: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Code&Drive Ebotics Programmable car

Code&Drive Ebotics Programmable Car

Car to be created and programmed
Arm Robot Ebotics Robotic Arm Kit

Arm Robot Ebotics Robotic Arm Kit

Assemble and control your own robotic arm
Build&Code Plus Ebotics

Build&Code Plus Ebotics

Arduino Discovery Kit
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