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Codey Rocky Makeblock Robot

Makeblock Programmable Robot

Makeblock's new Codey Rocky programmable robot consists of an intelligent part and a driving part, each with features that allow children to teach programming to children while having fun and creating.

The intelligent part (Codey) of the system is composed of 10 modules programmable on mBlock V5 with Scratch 3.0 and the driving part (Rocky) of an obstacle sensor, color sensor and line tracker. 

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Site Reference : RA_TEC019
Manufacturer Reference : 276716

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Codey Rocky Makeblock: programmable educational toy robot

Makeblock's Codey Rocky robot is programmed with mBlock 5 software and Scratch 3.0 sub-blocks. For the more experienced, it is possible to edit the code directly under Python to explore more possibilities. A Bluetooth key is available as an option to connect to the remotely programmable robot. The Codey Rocky robot is compatible with the Makeblock Neuron programming kit which will allow you to upgrade your robot: plug the actuator sensors directly from the Neuron to the Codey Rocky robot.

Programmable robot Codey Rocky Makeblock


Not to mention the Makeblock and LEGO compatibility, which will allow us to go further by creating new educational robots.

  • Not only will Codey Rocky swirl and follow the lines, but he will also bypass obstacles, making creation much more fun.
  • Equipped with more than 10 electronic modules, including a sound sensor, a light sensor and an LED matrix display, the Codey Rocky robot plays music, follows light, imitates facial expressions and much more with easy coding, giving children all the skills they need to explore the world of robotics and programming.
  • Codey Rocky takes children by the hand and leads them into the advanced world of technology with its integrated AI and IdO features.


Composition of Codey and Rocky, educational Makeblock robot

Intelligent part Codey of the robot

  • A LED matrix
  • A loudspeaker
  • RGB LED, three buttons
  • A sensitive sensor
  • A voice sensor
  • A brightness sensor
  • A 6-axis accelerometer / gyroscope
  • An infrared receiver
  • An infrared transmitter​

Drive part Rocky of the robot

  • A color sensor
  • A distance sensor
  • Two DC geared motors.

Technical characteristics of the Codey Rocky robot

  • Connexion : Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / USB
  • Batterie rechargeable : 950mAh lithium
  • Dimensions 102 x 95,4 x 103 mm
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