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Community People Set LEGO® DUPLO®

LEGO Education

Encourage children to explore the world they live in through different people and occupations.

As children role play and talk about each of the 20 unique characters in the set, they will learn important lessons about gender, age, relationships, and the unique roles and responsibilities people have in their communities.

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Site Reference : RA_DUP014
Manufacturer Reference : 45010

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Explore community, roles and responsibilities, and people’s unique characteristics with the LEGO® Education Community People Set.

Teach about people and their roles in the local community

Learning Values:

  • Role play
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Exploring the world


  • Introduces children to the variety of people and occupations that make up a community
  • Includes 20 unique LEGO DUPLO® figures representing various people found in a community, like a firefighter, doctor, and baby as well as a wheelchair which can be used with any figure
  • Includes 2 online activity videos with quick starter ideas
  • Great addition to any LEGO® DUPLO® set
  • Download Our Community Teacher Guide

• 1x Community People Set LEGO® DUPLO®

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