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LEGO® Education

LEGO® Education, a branch of the LEGO® group, has made it a point of honour to play a decisive role in the students' learning process: to inspire them to learn through practical experiences of physical and digital creation. A new way for teachers and their students to work together by combining adapted programs. The LEGO® brick system offers training for teachers and professional development based on unique principles of learning through practical manipulation.


lego education educational robot


A new approach to teaching, learning and fun and exciting that you can implement thanks to the various LEGO® Education robots. The robots offered are divided into 3 sections and can be adapted to all age groups and classes:


  • "Early" Learning: LEGO Education solutions for "Early" learning use games to open up young children to linguistic, mathematical and scientific skills. LEGO Education promotes a taste for discovery and research to help younger students develop social and emotional skills that prepare them for successful learning.
  • Elementary School: LEGO Education solutions for primary school provide students with a practical and engaging experience that allows them to explore the basic concepts of STEM and associate them with a real phenomenon. Solutions evolve with students as they solve problems and discover how science, technology, engineering and mathematics affect their daily lives.
  • College and High School: LEGO Education solutions for college & high school evolve as students engage at all levels, providing practical experiences that stimulate communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking, so that they can succeed in their STEM courses and realize their full potential as tomorrow's digital citizens and leaders.

Find all the software and activity packs for download on this page.

LEGO Education SPIKE

LEGO Education SPIKE

Construction and programming to learn STEAM

LEGO Education SPIKE is a preferred learning tool for children aged 11 to 14. It allows students to develop their critical thinking skills through more or less complex STEAM challenges that are also motivating and relevant from a personal point of view.

On Robot Advance you will find all the necessary equipment to apply the SPIKE methodology of LEGO Education in your schools: SPIKE PRIME kit, motors, sensors, batteries and accessories.

LEGO Education BricQ Motion

LEGO Education BricQ Motion

LEGO Education Sets 45400 and 45401

Discover the two new sets LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime 45400 and LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential 45401 to accompany children over 10 years old and 6 years old in the learning of physical sciences. Explore forces, movements and interactions in a sports context using the LEGO Education Bricks.

Background materials included in each lesson plan give even the most inexperienced teachers the confidence they need to deliver dynamic lessons.


LEGO® Education Preschool

LEGO® Education  For Toddlers

Stimulate children in a playful and interactive way is the point of the construction kits LEGO® Education kindergarten. Only for educational institutions they allow to establish a program about emotional, intellectual and relationship development; but also cognitive and language development, learnings that prepare children to kindergarten.



Intelligent and programmable bricks

Discover the latest version of the range of programmable robots Lego Mindstorms Education. Programmable and intelligent bricks which are now compatible with IOS and Android. 
The basic set Lego Education EV3 is compatible with the former versions and includes an intelligent brick, servomotors, sensors, a power battery, a connecting cable, an instruction manual and a sorting container tray.

Discover in this section all of the Minstorms EV3 Education products: a basic set, a complementary set, packs, licenses, power batteries, battery chargers and accessories.

Download the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Software

Machines & Mechanisms

LEGO® Education Machines and Mechanisms

To support children and adults

With this Machines and Mechanisms Kit, LEGO® Education supports the young children and the older in the process of learning with a playful method bringing up their imagination.

​Thanks to the LEGO® bricks, packs, guides and accessories the youngest will approach mechanical and technological concepts whereas the older will approach technology, engineering, sciences and mathematics.

Download Machines & Mechanisms Activity

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