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Electric Scooter XIAOMI MiJia M365 PRO

Electric scooter 45km/h

Go further with the long range of the Xiaomi MiJia M365 PRO electric scooter. It can reach speeds of up to 45 km on a single charge and has a battery that optimises energy consumption. The electric scooter converts the kinetic energy of acceleration into electrical energy.

You can also take advantage of the integrated display to quickly consult all the information on the Xiaomi scooter, check your speed, the modes of use or even the Bluetooth connection.

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Site Reference : RA_PDA086
Manufacturer Reference : M365 PRO

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Electric scooter XIAOMI MiJia M365 PRO

The XIAOMI MiJia M365 pro electric scooter offers high-end features to help you maintain its performance over time:


  • High performance engine and battery with 45 km range.
  • Built-in display for monitoring.
  • 3 operating modes: Eco, Standard and Sport.
  • High quality minimalist design.
  • Smartphone control and status monitoring.
  • Dual braking system.
  • Ultra bright safety headlights.
  • Simply flip, fold and attach the electric scooter to simply carry it wherever you go.
  • Control via mobile application: statistics, unlocking, updates, speed control, bluetooth connection...


XIAOMI MiJia M365 PRO electric scooter


The battery of the scooter makes it a safe and efficient means of transport:

  • 18650 high security lithium battery
  • Capacity of 474Wh
  • High power supply
  • Efficient acceleration

The XIAOMI MiJia M365 PRO electric scooter can take you up to 45 km on a single charge and the intelligent energy management system offers six different protection modes. You can easily check the battery status via the mobile application.

To extend battery life, the electric scooter converts and stores kinetic energy during acceleration into electrical energy. It is also equipped with a regenerative braking system for extra power. This improves emergency braking and at the same time improves battery life.


XIAOMI MiJia M365 PRO battery


Your journeys are as safe as possible, day and night: 

  • An ultra-bright beacon for added safety at night.
  • Equipped with a 120 mm ventilated rear disc brake and E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system at the front for effective braking reactions.
  • Red taillights flash clearly to warn pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.
  • Both the front and rear 8.5" tires are made of rubber: a compound material with good shock absorption so you can move smoothly on most roads and textures.

XIAOMI MiJia M365 PRO: features

  • Brake type Front brake
  • Colour Black
  • One size fits all
  • Length 20 centimeters
  • Weight 14.2 kilograms
  • Type of material Aluminium
  • Wheel size 85 inches
  • Brand Xiaomi​
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