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Electric scooters and Hoverboard

While bicycles are still one of the most popular means of transport for commuting to work or walking around the city, new technologies are now offering new and increasingly popular means of transport. This is the case with Hoverboards and electric scooters, which are less cumbersome and allow you to get from one point A to one point B quickly, conveniently and enjoyably.


Electric scooters have invaded the major cities of Europe and are available in self-service, but Robot Advance offers you high-performance, durable and quality models with a high degree of autonomy that you can take with you everywhere.
Hoverboards have recently invaded stores and websites: fun, innovative and ideal gift for children. On Robot Advance, you will find the models that offer the best value for money available on the Hoverboard market.


Hoverboard and electric scooters on Robot Advance

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