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Infinity Racing Exost Loop Circuit

Remote-Controlled Car Circuit

Discover a circuit of the latest generation of remote-controlled cars: the Infinity Racing set Exost Loop. A set of 27 tubes to be fitted together to create the perfect circuit (curves, straight lines, shortcuts, jumps, starts...) for the two red and yellow remote-controlled cars that will embark on a wild race. Adjust your speed to properly tackle the different areas of the circuit, activate your car's boost to overtake your opponent in a straight line, make impressive jumps from one tube to another and connect these tubes with others to create impressive, limitless car circuits.

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Site Reference : RA_SIL069
Manufacturer Reference : 20232

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Infinity Racing Loop: 2.0 remote-controlled car circuit

This new Exost remote-controlled car circuit is a must have for this year: 27 tubes to be combined with each other and composed of jumps, shortcuts, straight lines, curves and starting areas. They can be associated with each other or with other Exost Infinity circuit tubes to give way to the creativity of children who will be able to create the course of their dreams but also and above all test them. This Exost Loop Infinity Racing kit comes with two remote-controlled cars, one yellow and one red. The remote control does not control the direction of the cars but their speed and the way they approach the different parts of the circuit: going faster or slower and activating the "Boost" function at the right time for a big acceleration boost will allow one remote-controlled car or the other to make the difference and win the race.


Infinity Racing Loop Set Exost


Winning the race will require children to stay focused and have the right reflexes at the right time. They will be able to think of themselves as real drivers and organize wild races with friends or family. This set is delivered with 2 cars, 2 remote controls and 27 tubes to be assembled together:

  • 14 curved tubes
  • 2 large format tubes
  • 5 short tubes
  • 1 set of "Shortcuts" tubes
  • 1 set of "Jump" tubes
  • 2 inlet tubes

It is possible to operate 4 cars simultaneously and add XXL tubes to create huge, simple or complex circuits to entertain children. Car batteries are included and can be charged via USB plug. The remote controls require 4 "AAA" batteries not included to operate. This Infinity Racing Exost Loop kit is recommended for children from 5 years old and cancelled for children 36 months and under (Small parts and risk of suffocation). It is preferable to use this remote controlled circuit in the presence of an adult.

  • 27 tubes to create the circuit
  • 2 remote-controlled cars
  • 2 remote controls

Infinity Racing Exost Loop Set Video

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