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Intelino Smart Train J1 Starter Pack

Toy robot to learn code

The Intelino J-1 Smart Train is designed to entertain and educate. It is an intuitive and playful toy train, just like a child's toy. Yet, thanks to modern robotic technology, it is a smart and clever learning toy. Primo built this train to help kids develop their coding and STEM skills while having fun! Interactive sensors, directional control, programmable actions, sounds and lights...

This pack contains 1 J-1 smart engine, 1 J-1 car, 20 tracks, 40 colored snaps, a sheet of stickers for the train and a USB charging cable.

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Site Reference : RA_PRI012
Manufacturer Reference : INT- J1-SS1-12

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Intelino J-1 Starter Pack : Smart train to learn code

Intelino can be used by children as young as three years old, like a classic toy train. Simply lay a track and the train is immediately ready to roll. If you already own a classic wooden train, you'll be happy to know that the Intelino train is designed to work with the majority of BRIO, IKEA, Thomas & Friends and other brands. The tracks can be connected to the wooden tracks with a universal adapter, and the Intelino train uses magnetic couplings that work with the wooden cars (sold in a separate kit).

Smart Train Intelino

The intelino train has the ability to read the colors it encounters on its journey. Children can place small colored tiles called Action Snaps along the tracks to control the train's activities. They can speed up or slow down the train, turn it left or right at track crossings, change its direction or stop it, drop off the attached car, and more by building different chains of colored tiles. There are 17 instant action commands that can be used immediately. This screen-free game option is easy to understand for kids of all ages, yet engaging and entertaining. Children learn the fundamentals of coding by using colors to control the train.

Smart Train Intelino Colors

The free intelino smartphone app further expands the interactive fun (available on iOS and Android). In the Autopilot and Manual driving modes, kids can practice their driving skills while running the trains on the tracks at speeds up to 100 cm/sec. They can also use the app to write custom commands in the Snap editor, which they can then record on the train.

Intelino Smart Train programming

Kids gain confidence and interest in coding and STEM as they play with the train and learn to control what it does on the tracks. This naturally prepares them for the next step, which is programming the Intelino train using Scratch, the most popular online coding editor used by millions of children. While playing with the smart train, the free intelino plugin for Scratch 3.0 helps kids develop their basic to advanced coding skills. It's simple, engaging and fun!



Intelino J-1 intelligent train: starter pack contents

Train Intelino Primo Starter Pack containing

Intelino J-1 Smart Train: starter pack contents

Train Intelino Primo Starter Pack contenu

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