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ISNK Slate 2+ Drawing Pad

New Drawing Pad ISKN 2+


The Slate is destined to all creatives, illustrators, drawers and doodlers as well as pencil and paper lovers who wish to keep the natural and unparalleled feel of their pen gliding over paper while benefitting from the endless possibilities of digital technology.

Your sketches are instantly reproduced on the screen of your tablet or computer using a ring around your pencil.

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Site Reference : RA_TRX018
Manufacturer Reference : ISKN-SLATE02P

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ISKN Slate 2+: portable digital tablet

The Slate 2+ digital graphics tablet was designed for mobility. With an A5 scanning format, the Slate remains light and compact to take with you on all your travels.

2 modes of use are possible with the Slate:
A screen mode, easily connecting your Slate to your device (iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth, Mac or PC via USB) and a screenless mode, in autonomous operation thanks to its integrated battery allowing 7 hours of continuous use.

In no-screen mode, all your drawings are automatically saved in the Slate's internal memory with a capacity of 4GB (+400,000 sheets).


ISKN Slate 2+ digital graphics tablet


ISKN Slate 2+: portable graphic digital tablet

The technology behind the Slate is based on 22 patents and more than 70 years of research and expertise in magnetism carried out by the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)*.

Based on this technology, we wanted to give you back the power, as an artist, to interact in a digital world using your favorite object: your own pencil.

*The CEA was ranked by Reuters as the most innovative public research organization in the world in 2016.


Graphics tablet Slate 2+ by ISKN


How does the ISKN Slate 2+ tablet work?

  • 1. You draw on paper on the Slate with your pencil equipped with a magnetic ring (the Ring).
  • 2. As soon as you draw, 32 sensors track the exact position of your pen with the ring.
  • 3. The Slate communicates with your device and generates a graphic rendering of your drawing on the screen in real time.


System requirements for this graphics tablet

  • iPad (from iPad 3rd Gen or newer)
  • iPhone (iPhone 6 or newer)
  • Mac (OSX 10.10 or later)
  • PC (Windows 7 or later)
  • Android (Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy & Android 4.4 KitKat)
  • USB port and Internet connection for downloading applications and updates
  • One Slate
  • One black Pen
  • One drawing pencil equipped with a ring
  • One sketchpad
  • Two clips
  • One USB charging cable
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