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The Slate REPAPER ISKN Graphics Tablet

ISKN high-performance graphics tablet

With the ISKN Repaper graphics tablet, capture and immortalize your inspiration wherever you are. You don't need a screen but just a pencil and paper to draw on the tablet and import your creations on the device of your choice: smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Repaper The slate tablet has 8192 pressure levels, tilt detection <20°, wireless connection (BLE 5.0), up to 6 hours battery life and a port for an SD card up to 32GB.

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Site Reference : RA_TRX095
Manufacturer Reference : ISKN-REPAPER

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The Slate Repaper ISKN: high-performance graphics tablet

The ISKN Repaper graphics tablet gives you the possibility to bring your inspiration and creations to life without constraints in all circumstances. Easy to use, all you have to do is grab a pencil, place The Ring on it, drag a sheet of paper onto the Repaper graphics tablet, install the Repaper Studio application and start drawing. Your drawings can take shape in real time on a tablet, smartphone, or computer, or be saved and imported later.

The 8192 pressure levels of the graphics tablet and its Augmented Interaction technology promise a perfect digital reproduction of your drawings with different possibilities: simply press the lead to thicken or darken your strokes and pencil strokes.

Repaper ISKN graphic tablet

Thanks to the Repaper Studio mobile application, your creations are recorded as you go, allowing you to share your sudden inspirations, technical drawings or sketches on the fly as a time-lapse video. Share what you want simply on social networks, via email or sharing applications. 

The Repaper graphics tablet offers you a unique solution for use wherever you are:

  • Battery provides up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Screenless" mode for drawing everywhere
  • Compatibility of Repaper on smartphones, bluetooth tablets, PC and Mac
  • Built-in memory and SD card port

ISKN Repaper Tablet: Characteristics

  • Features: Multi-paper (A5), Multi-pencil (S & M), Mobile & PC compatible, Layer management, Customizable brushes, RGB color palette, Image import, Export JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG, MP4, Video time-lapse conversion, Social network sharing
  • Pressure sensitive (8192 levels)
  • Tilt detection (<20°)
  • Wireless connection (BLE 5.0)
  • Up to 6 hours autonomy
  • 4MB internal memory (SD card port <32GB)
  • Configurable buttons
  • Minimum requirements: Smarphone & Iphone (Iphone 6 and newer + Android 7.0 and newer) / Ipad Air (1st gener), Ipad mini (4th gener), Ipad (4th gener), Ipad Pro (1st gener) / Mac equipped with at least OSX 10.11 Yosemite or newer version, PC equipped with at least Windows 10 or newer version
  • Dimensions: 278 x 198 x 9mm
  • Weight: 462g
  • Active area & Paper size: A5 (210 x 148mm)
  • 1 Repaper
  • 1 Repaper pen 
  • 1 Repaper ring 
  • 2 pliers Repaper 
  • 1 USB Repaper cable 
  • 1 Repaper drawing book 


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