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LittleBits At Home Learning Starter Kit

Learning STEAM at home

The LittleBits At Home Learning Starter Kit is an easy-to-follow, flexible and powerful solution for enhancing STEAM learning at home. This kit is ideal for teachers who want to provide individualized learning that can be easily guided by parents.

The goal is to provide you with the tools and support you need to enable students in any environment to create, experiment and solve critical problems through play-based learning and project-based lessons.

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Site Reference : RA_OZO061
Manufacturer Reference : 680-0033

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LittleBits At Home Learning: Starter Kit

Use this kit to confidently engage children at home with five independent or parent-guided inventions based on the STEAM system.

  • Introduction to eLearning
  • Screen-less learning experience; no device or coding experience is required
  • Access additional activities, program guides, resources and more in littleBits Classroom
  • Engage individual learners with their own starter kit and turn their ideas into reality with 5 bits and 12 accessories.
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up

Littlebits at home learning starter kit

LittleBits At Home Learning : activities

  • Hand Raiser : Learn what it means to work and what happens when an object has an elastic or gravitational potential energy. Then use the LittleBits to create a simple prosthetic arm to explore these concepts further.
  • Carnival Games: Remake a carnival game or create a new one. Begin by brainstorming ideas, then build and test several prototypes. Explain the rules to a friend and let them have fun!
  • Invent a creature: Create a unique creature adapted to survive in its habitat. Start with a design plan, build a few prototypes of the creature, then test and rehearse your design.

Le kit de démarrage d'apprentissage à domicile LittleBits aide les apprenants à développer des compétences essentielles de STEAM grâce à des leçons qui appliquent des concepts fondamentaux tels que les circuits, l'ingénierie, la physique, l'art et la réflexion sur la conception.

This electronic kit includes a 5-bit sample, stickers, 12 accessories, paper templates, starter guides and educational lessons compliant with Common Core and NGSS standards. Use them with custom educational materials in the LittleBits Classroom.


LittleBits At Home Learning Kit Starter


  • 5-bit sample
  • Stickers
  • 12 accessories, paper templates
  • Starter guides
  • Educational lessons compliant with Common Core and NGSS standards. Use them with custom educational materials in the LittleBits Classroom.
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